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HomoloGene:105243. Gene exclusive to B.taurus Download , Links
Genes identified as putative homologs of one another during the construction of HomoloGene.

Proteins used in sequence comparisons and their conserved domain architectures.

PTI,  B.taurus
pancreatic trypsin inhibitor
100 aa
LOC616039,  B.taurus
pancreatic trypsin inhibitor-like
117 aa
LOC404103,  B.taurus
spleen trypsin inhibitor
100 aa

Protein Alignments
Protein multiple alignment, pairwise similarity scores and evolutionary distances.

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Pairwise alignments generated using BLAST
Regenerate Alignments

Articles associated with genes and sequences of this homology group.

Structure of a serine protease poised to resynthesize a peptide bond.
Zakharova E, et al. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 106, 11034-9 (2009).

Conserved Domains
Conserved Domains from CDD found in protein sequences by rpsblast searching.
KU (cl00101)
  BPTI/Kunitz family of serine protease inhibitors; Structure is a disulfide rich alpha+beta fold. BPTI (bovine pancreatic trypsin inhibitor) is an extensively studied model structure.

Links to UniGene entries found by comparing the homologous proteins against the transcript database.

Mammalia - mammals (2 transcripts, 1 species)




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