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Department of Clinical Immunology

  • Department of Clinical Immunology
  • Odense University Hospital
  • Odense C, Fyn, Denmark 5000
  • Phone: +45 6541 1608

GTR Lab ID: 320482, Last updated:2015-11-27


Conditions and tests

  • Agammaglobulinemia, non-Bruton type1 test
  • Chronic granulomatous disease1 test
  • Chronic granulomatous disease, X-linked1 test
  • Common variable immunodeficiency1 test
  • Common variable immunodeficiency 11 test
  • Common variable immunodeficiency 21 test
  • Familial cold urticaria1 test
  • Hyperimmunoglobulin D with periodic fever1 test
  • Hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome1 test
  • Severe combined immunodeficiency disease3 tests
  • Severe combined immunodeficiency with sensitivity to ionizing radiation1 test
  • TNF receptor-associated periodic fever syndrome (TRAPS)1 test
  • X-linked agammaglobulinemia1 test
  • X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency1 test

List of services

  • Clinical Testing/Confirmation of Mutations Identified Previously
  • Carrier testing

List of certifications/licenses


  • DANAK, Number: 456, Expiration date: 2017-04-30

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