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Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

GTR Lab ID: 1070, Last updated:2017-09-29


  • Director: Elizabeth Spriggs, PhD, Lab Director
  • Director: Ron Agatep, PhD, Lab Director
  • Claudia Carriles, MS, Certified Genetic counselor, CGC, Genetic Counselor
    Phone: 204-787-4033
    Fax: 204-787-3846

Conditions and tests

  • Acute recurrent pancreatitis1 test
  • Angelman syndrome1 test
  • Ashkenazi Jewish disorders1 test
  • Azorean disease1 test
  • Bulbo-spinal atrophy X-linked1 test
  • Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, type IA1 test
  • chronic recurrent pancreatitis1 test
  • Congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens1 test
  • Cystic fibrosis1 test
  • Deafness, autosomal recessive 1A1 test
  • Disorder of cardiovascular system1 test
  • Disseminated bronchiectasis1 test
  • Fragile X syndrome1 test
  • Fragile X tremor/ataxia syndrome1 test
  • Hemochromatosis type 11 test
  • Hereditary liability to pressure palsies1 test
  • Huntington's chorea1 test
  • Hypophosphatasia1 test
  • Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy1 test
  • Prader-Willi syndrome1 test
  • Premature ovarian failure 11 test
  • Spermatogenic failure, Y-linked 21 test
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia 11 test
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia 21 test
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia 61 test
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia 71 test
  • Spinocerebellar ataxia 81 test
  • Steinert myotonic dystrophy syndrome1 test

List of services

  • This lab has no services.

List of certifications/licenses


  • CAP, Number: 6690201, Expiration date: 2019-02-17

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