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Code of Conduct

Test submitters providing test information to the Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) agree to abide by a code of conduct. Failure to honor this code of conduct may result in the removal of the submitter’s test information from the GTR.  Submitters agree to the following terms in the code of conduct:

  • To uphold the integrity of the GTR through the submission of information that is accurate and not misleading.
  • To assure the accuracy of the data at the time of submission and to review and, if necessary, update the submitted information at least once a year.
  • To make no explicit or implicit claims that the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, or the U.S. Government approves or endorses tests listed in, or any other information submitted to, the GTR.

To reference their participation in the GTR, test submitters may refer to the fact that information about their tests is available in the GTR and provide the relevant URL(s) but make no explicit or implicit claims that their tests listed in the GTR, or other information submitted to the GTR, have been approved or endorsed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Department of Health and Human Services, or the U.S. Government. If this stipulation is not honored, NIH reserves the right to take action, including, in its sole discretion, removing the submitter's tests from the GTR.

In addition, users are encouraged to report any acts of inappropriate endorsement claims or any other breaches of this Code of Conduct. Contact us if you have concerns or questions.

For microbe tests, submitters agree that they are submitting molecular or serologic microbe tests for microorganisms involved in human health and disease.

Last updated: 2023-09-11T16:12:17Z