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Gingival fibromatosis is a rare overgrowth condition characterized by a benign, slowly progressive, nonhemorrhagic, fibrous enlargement of maxillary and mandibular keratinized gingiva (summary by Hart et al., 2002). Genetic Heterogeneity of Hereditary Gingival Fibromatosis Other loci for gingival fibromatosis have been mapped to chromosome 5q (GINGF2; 605544), chromosome 2p23.3-p22.3 (GINGF3; 609955), and chromosome 11p15 (GINGF4; 611010). GINGF5 (617626) is caused by mutation in the REST gene (600571) on chromosome 4q12. There is some evidence for a locus on chromosome 2p16-p13 (see MAPPING). [from OMIM]

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