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Zebrafish Genome Overview

Information about the continuing improvement of the zebrafish genome

After the release of Zv9 in July 2010, the GRC has taken over the improvement and maintenance of the zebrafish genome assembly. In the four years since, the GRC has been working on filling gaps with new clone sequence and improving the positioning of assembly components with the help of optical mapping, Strandseq (M. Hills, PMID: 24028793) and additional meiotic mapping (GAPmap, D. Stemple, unpublished). The resulting improved clone path was supplemented with a new whole genome shotgun assembly WGS31, based on a combination of Illumina and capillary reads from double-haploid Tuebingen individuals, leading to the release of the integrated zebrafish genome assembly GRCz10.

Transitioning to GRCz10? Try the NCBI Remapping Service, which uses the same assembly-assembly alignments used by the GRC.

Next assembly update

The next planned release of the zebrafish assembly (GRCz11) is planned for the end of 2016.

Ideogram of the latest zebrafish assembly, GRCz10


  • Release date: September 12, 2014
  • Release type: major
  • Release notes: GRCz10 is the first update to the zebrafish genome assembly released by the GRC. All chromosomes and scaffolds have been assigned new accessions. More than 4000 genome issues were resolved.
  • Assembly accessions: GenBank: GCA_000002035.3, RefSeq: GCF_000002035.5


  • Release date: July 15, 2010
  • Release type: major
  • Release notes: This assembly was the last assembly released by the <a href="">Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute</a>. The GRC are now working to close gaps and represent variation where appropriate.
  • Assembly accessions: GenBank: GCA_000002035.2, RefSeq: GCF_000002035.4