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Report a Genome Problem

If you have found a region of the genome for which there seems to be an error, or a region of variation that needs to be better represented, please let us know. Provide as much detail as possible in the form below and someone in our group will get back to you as soon as possible. For examples of regions under review, see the current issues for human, mouse, zebrafish, or rat. For issues concerning annotation, please contact your favorite browser or annotation group.

Genome Information

Please provide us with some information about the organism and genome assembly in which you are interested.

Location Information

Please provide information concerning the location of the issue. You can either provide information using the chromosome coordinates or the flanking accessions used to generate the genome build. If the location is unknown or you are reporting sequence not found on the assembly, then select 'None' from the chromosome pulldown menu.

Specify by Chromosome Coordinates
Specify by Flanking Accessions
Submitter Information

Please provide some information about yourself.

  1. Filling out thie field leads to submission failure.
Issue Detail

Please provide detailed information about the genome issue you are reporting. List any sequence accessions used to define the issue.