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Mouse Genome Issue MG-74

GeneID: 69787 (Anxa13), partially missing in assembly
There may be an internal deletion in reference component AC152395.9 disrupting the alignment of Anxa13 (GeneID:69787) and causing the loss of 3 exons.
Resolved (GRC Resolved by Electronic Means)
Clone Problem
Last updated:
Experiment type:
Clone Sequencing
Affects version:
Fix version:
GRCm39, GRCm38.p6
Components MF597750.1 and MF597749.1 correct a deletion occurring in component AC152395.9 allowing the full representation of Anxa13 (NM_027211.2)

Patches and alternate loci

Scaffold type:
FIX patch to GRCm38
This sequence will be incorporated into the reference assembly in the next major assembly release. At that time, the accession number for this patch will be made secondary to the reference chromosome accession. This scaffold adds components MF597750.1 and MF597749.1 to the reference assembly correcting a deletion in component AC152395.9 allowing the full representation of Anxa13 (NM_027211.2).
Revision history of patches and alts for MG-74
Assembly Scaffold type Contig name GenBank accession RefSeq accession Region
GRCm38 FIX MG74_PATCH KZ289086.1 Anxa13
GRCm38.p6 FIX MG74_PATCH KZ289086.1 NW_019168525.1 Anxa13

Locations and genomic context

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