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Mouse Genome Issue MG-3683

Chr. X Gap Problem
There is a gap between CR954983.4 and CR954300.4 The last exon of the gene 4933416I08Rik (GeneID: 71159) appears to fall into this gap.
Resolved (GRC Resolved by Electronic Means)
Last updated:
Experiment type:
Clone Sequencing
Affects version:
Fix version:
GRCm39, GRCm38.p6
Component MF597734.1 has been added to close the gap between CR954983.4 and CR954300.5 and to improve representation of 4933416I08Rik (NM_027700.1).

Patches and alternate loci

Scaffold type:
FIX patch to GRCm38
This sequence will be incorporated into the reference assembly in the next major assembly release. At that time, the accession number for this patch will be made secondary to the reference chromosome accession. This scaffold adds component MF597734.1 to the reference assembly closing a gap in chromosome X (NC_000086.7) between CR954983.4 and CR954300.5 and improves representation of 4933416I08Rik (NM_027700.1).
Revision history of patches and alts for MG-3683
Assembly Scaffold type Contig name GenBank accession RefSeq accession Region
GRCm38 FIX MG3683_PATCH KZ289094.1 4933416I08Rik
GRCm38.p6 FIX MG3683_PATCH KZ289094.1 NW_019168533.1 4933416I08Rik

Locations and genomic context

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