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Human Genome Issue HG-439

Alignment between AC008162.3 and AL670379.17 is incompatible with contig building
The alignment between AC008162.3 and AL670379.17 is incompatible with contig building. There are multiple repeats in this region which contains the CT47 gene cluster. GRCh38 contains 12 copies of CT47 split over 2 haplotypes. According to PMID: 23496858 the copy number range for this gene family is between 4 and 17 copies depending on haplotype.
Resolved (GRC Resolved by Experimental Method)
Path Problem
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Clone Sequencing
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Fix version:
GRCh39, GRCh38.p13
AC008162.3 and AL670379.17 have been replaced in the assembly by AC275592.1. This component has a high quality alignment with its flanking components. In addition AC275592.1 contains a complete single haplotype representation of the CT47 gene cluster.

Patches and alternate loci

No patches or alts are associated with HG-439.

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