Complete genomes: Cardiovirus
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  Cardiovirus - 4 complete genomes
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Genome Accession Source information Segm Length  Protein  Neighbors Host Created Updated
    Encephalomyocarditis virus NC_001479 strain:Ruckert - 7835 nt 29  vertebrates, human 08/02/1993 06/01/2012
    Cardiovirus B
          Human TMEV-like cardiovirus NC_010810 - 7961 nt 43  vertebrates 06/05/2008 10/20/2015
          Saffold virus NC_009448 - 8115 nt 43  vertebrates 05/09/2007 10/21/2015
          Theilovirus NC_001366 strain:GDVII; sub-species:Theiler's encephalomyelitis virus - 8101 nt 43  vertebrates 11/14/1990 10/30/2015
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