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Influenza Virus Resource presents data obtained from the NIAID Influenza Genome Sequencing Project as well as from GenBank, combined with tools for flu sequence analysis and annotation. In addition, it provides links to other resources that contain flu sequences, publications and general information about flu viruses.

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Growth of Influenza Virus Sequences in GenBank

The graph below shows the growth of sequences from the FLU project, which were submitted to GenBank through a streamlined GenBank submission pipeline. These are mostly from large scale flu genome sequencing projects, which usually contain complete genomes, detailed source information and high quality of annotations. Currently, the major contributors are the NIAID Influenza Genome Sequencing Project, the St. Jude Influenza Genome Project, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers of Excellence for Influenza Research and Surveillance (CEIRS), and the University of Hong Kong.

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