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ID: 660
Organism ImagePanicum virgatum (switchgrass)

Panicum virgatum organelle overview

Lineage: Eukaryota[4058]; Viridiplantae[429]; Streptophyta[368]; Embryophyta[365]; Tracheophyta[363]; Spermatophyta[360]; Magnoliophyta[353]; Liliopsida[70]; Poales[47]; Poaceae[46]; PACMAD clade[19]; Panicoideae[13]; Panicodae[8]; Paniceae[8]; Panicinae[2]; Panicum[2]; Panicum sect. Hiantes[0]; Panicum virgatum[0]
Panicum virgatum, switchgrass, is a perennial grass native to North America. It has a deep root system that uses water efficiently and prevents soil erosion. Department of Energy has therefore chosen switchgrass as a model plant for renewable source of bioenergy.Switchgrass is a warm season grass generally grown for the purposes of grazing and More...

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Loc Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC% Protein rRNA tRNA Gene

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