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ID: 631
Borna disease virus

Borna disease virus

Lineage: Viruses[11140]; ssRNA viruses[2119]; ssRNA negative-strand viruses[548]; Mononegavirales[278]; Bornaviridae[10]; unclassified Bornaviridae[0]; Borna disease virus[0]

Description of Bornaviridae

adapted from ICTVdb

Virion Properties


Virions consist of an envelope and a core. Virus capsid is enveloped. Virions are spherical and measure (80-)90(-100) nm in diameter. Surface projections are distinctive peplomers that cover evenly the surface. Surface projections are approximately 7 nm long. A regular capsid structure is not detectable. An internal electron-dense core is discernible. The core is spherical with a diameter of 50-60 nm.

Physicochemical and Physical Properties

Virions have a buoyant density in CsCl of 1.16-1.22 g cm-3; sucrose of 1.22 g cm-3. The density of virions is in renografin of 1.13 g cm-3. Virion infectivity is rapidly inactivated by heating above 56°C. Extent of effect on virion infectivity is reduced in presence of serum. Under iin vitro/i conditions virions are relatively stable when stored at 37°C (, but infectivity loss is observed after 24 hrs incubation in the presence of serum, inactivated in acid environment of pH below 5. Virions are sensitive to treatment with organic solvents and detergents. Infectivity is completely and rapidly destroyed by chlorine-containg disinfectants or formaldehyde treatment). The infectivity is reduced after exposure to irradiation. h3Nucleic Acid/h3 The genome is not segmented and contains a single molecule of linear negative-sense, single-stranded RNA. The complete genome is 8900 nucleotides long. The genome has a guanine + cytosine content of 50 %. Nucleotide sequences at the 3'-terminus are partially complementary to similar regions on the 5' end. The 3'-terminus has no poly (A) tract. The genome has no intergenic poly (A) region. h3Proteins/h3 Proteins have been characterized and functions are assigned to them. pThe viral genome encodes structural proteins and non-structural proteins. Virions consist of 5-7 structural protein(s) located in the envelope, membrane, peplomers, matrix, ribonucleoprotein complex, and polymerase complex./p pbiStructural Proteins:/i/b Envelope protein p56 has a molecular mass of 56000 Da. Envelope protein has a function assigned; is expressed in the early transcription phase; is a surface protein. Envelope protein p16 (M, has a molecular mass of 16000 Da; has a function assigned; is probably an attachment protein. During post-translational processing envelope protein modifications occur that include glycosylation. Core protein p40 (NP, has a molecular mass of 40000 Da. Core protein has a function assigned. Core protein is nucleoprotein; has an isoform p38./p pbiNon-Structural Proteins:/i/b The virus codes for an RNA-dependent RNA polymerase. Polymerase p180 (predicted) appears to be homologous to proteins of the L-family. Virus coded polymerase of ORF5 has a molecular mass of 180 kDa./p h3Lipids/h3 Lipids are not reported. h3Carbohydrates/h3 Carbohydrates have not been reported. h2Genome Organization and Replication/h2 pia name="GenReplic"/aCoding Strategy of Segment 1:/i RNA has a unidirectional coding strategy and contains 6 ORF(s) (N, P, X, M, G, L). ORF-1 encodes structural nucleoprotein NP (p40, p39/38); ORF-2 encodes phosphoprotein P (p24) in the 3' half of the sequence further downstream. Translational units overlap. P10 starts within the same mRNA transcriptional unit, 46 nts upstream from p24 and overlaps in a different frame with the 71 N-terminal amino acids of p24 by about 200 nucleotides./p pba name="GenReplic"/aiTranslation:/i/b The genome replicates in the nucleus./p/div


Submitter: NCBI RefSeq Genome Project
Assembly level: Complete Genome
Human Pathogen
Assembly: GCF_001698295.1 ViralProj336046 scaffolds: contigs: N50: 8,798 L50: 1
BioProjects: PRJNA336046
Statistics: total length (Mb): 0.008798
 protein count: 6
 GC%: 42.8

Replicon Info

Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Kb) GC% Protein Gene

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