Meloidogyne hapla
Representative genome: Meloidogyne hapla (assembly Freeze_1)
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ID: 260
Meloidogyne hapla

Northern root-knot nematodes which are devastating pathogens of plant and fiber crops

Lineage: Eukaryota[2471]; Metazoa[827]; Ecdysozoa[386]; Nematoda[89]; Chromadorea[74]; Tylenchida[13]; Tylenchina[12]; Tylenchoidea[12]; Meloidogynidae[5]; Meloidogyninae[5]; Meloidogyne[5]; Meloidogyne hapla[1]
Meloidogyne genus of root-knot nematodes include major agricultural parasites of a wide range of crops worldwide. Host plants include Solanaceae (tomato, egg plant, potato), Cucurbitaceae (melon, cucumber), Leguminosae (bean), carrot, salsify, lettuce, witloof chicory, artichoke, mangold, celery, etc.Species of Meloidogyne show an outstanding More...


Submitter: Center for the Biology of Nematode Parasitism, NCSU
Assembly level: Contig
Assembly: GCA_000172435.1 Freeze_1 scaffolds: 3,450 contigs: 3,450 N50: 37,608 L50: 372
BioProjects: PRJNA29083
Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS): INSDC: ABLG00000000.1
Statistics: total length (Mb): 53.013
 GC%: 27.4

Genome Assembly Annotation

Loc Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC%
master WGS-ABLG00000000.153.0127.4

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