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ID: 1375
delta proteobacterium MLMS-1

delta proteobacterium MLMS-1 overview

Lineage: Bacteria[20316]; Proteobacteria[6195]; Deltaproteobacteria[604]; unclassified Deltaproteobacteria[221]; unclassified Deltaproteobacteria (miscellaneous)[192]; delta proteobacterium MLMS-1[1]
Deltaproteobacteria. This is a class of Proteobacteria that are anaerobic sulphate reducers or typically aerobic organotrophs or predators.


Submitter: DOE Joint Genome Institute
Assembly level: Contig
Morphology: Gram:Negative, Shape:Bacilli, Motility:Yes
Environment: Habitat:Aquatic
Assembly: GCA_000168275.1 ASM16827v1 scaffolds: 545 contigs: 545 N50: 19,821 L50: 85
BioProjects: PRJNA15764
Whole Genome Shotgun (WGS): RefSeq: NZ_AAQF00000000.1; INSDC: AAQF00000000.1
Statistics: total length (Mb): 6.05891
 protein count: 5328
 GC%: 60.1

Genome Assembly Annotation

Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC% Protein rRNA tRNA Other RNA Gene Pseudogene
master WGSNZ_AAQF00000000.1AAQF00000000.16.0660.15,379-89-5,468-

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