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HIV-1 Human Interaction Database

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Data type Description URL
Protein HIV-1 RefSeq proteins /protein?term="HIV-1"[organism] AND srcdb_refseq[properties]
Protein HIV-1 protein records available in GenPept, excluding RefSeq records /protein?term="HIV-1"[organism] NOT srcdb_refseq[properties]
Structure HIV-1 protein structure records /structure?term="HIV-1"[organism]
Nucleotide HIV-1 reference sequence (RefSeq) genome /nuccore/NC_001802.1?&report=graph
Nucleotide HIV-1 nucleotide records that are available in GenBank, excluding RefSeq records /nuccore?term=HIV-1[organism] NOT srcdb_refseq[properties]
PopSets HIV-1 population studies available in the Entrez PopSet database /popset?term=HIV-1[organism]
PubMed Retrieve PubMed entries that may include reports of HIV-1, human protein interactions /pubmed?term=HIV AND human AND protein AND interaction
PubMed Retrieve PubMed entries about HIV /pubmed?term=HIV

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