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Below is a list of the samples to be analyzed in this project. If the NCBI GSM Accession number is present, this means the sample has been completed and deposited to NCBI. If there is no GSM Accession number, the sample is still in process.

NCBI GSM Accession Lynx Sample Name Organ System M/F Tissue
GSM34293 MoAd.Feml.sig21 Endocrine F Adrenal
GSM44327 MoAd.Male.sig21 Endocrine M Adrenal
GSM34294 MoBl.Feml.sig21 Genitourinary F Bladder
GSM27138 MoBl.Male.sig21 Genitourinary M Bladder
GSM36603 MoBn.FeFm.sig21 Musculoskeletal F Bone - Femur
GSM34295 MoBn.MaFm.sig21 Musculoskeletal M Bone - Femur
  MoBr.FeAm.sig21 Nervous F Brain Amygdala
GSM34297 MoBr.MaAm.sig21 Nervous M Brain Amygdala
GSM44331 MoBr.FCPA.sig21 Nervous F Brain Caudate, Putamen, Accumbens, Basal Forebrain
GSM36605 MoBr.MCPA.sig21 Nervous M Brain Caudate, Putamen, Accumbens, Basal Forebrain
GSM47339 MoBr.FeCb.sig21 Nervous F Brain - Cerebellum
GSM32354 MoBr.MaCb.sig21 Nervous M Brain - Cerebellum
GSM44334 MoBr.FeCM.sig21 Nervous F Brain Cortical mantle
GSM44336 MoBr.MaCM.sig21 Nervous M Brain Cortical mantle
GSM47340 MoBr.FeHi.sig21 Nervous F Brain - Hippocampus
GSM32355 MoBr.MaHi.sig22 Nervous M Brain - Hippocampus
GSM34296 MoBr.FHyP.sig21 Nervous F Brain - Hypothalamus/preoptic area
GSM34296 MoBr.MHyP.sig21 Nervous M Brain - Hypothalamus/preoptic area
GSM44335 MoBr.FeMb.sig21 Nervous F Brain Midbrain
GSM32356 MoBr.MaMb.sig21 Nervous M Brain Midbrain
GSM36604 MoBr.FeOB.sig21 Nervous F Brain Olfactory Bulb
  MoBr.MaOB.sig21 Nervous M Brain Olfactory Bulb
GSM36721 MoBr.FTCS.sig21 Nervous F Brain Olfactory Tubercle, Prefrontal Cortex, Septum
  MoBr.MTCS.sig21 Nervous M Brain Olfactory Tubercle, Prefrontal Cortex, Septum
GSM32353 MoBr.FeTh.sig22 Nervous F Brain - Thalamus
GSM38491 MoBr.MaTh.sig21 Nervous M Brain - Thalamus
GSM44329 MoBF.Feml.sig21 Endocrine F Brown fat
GSM44330 MoBF.Male.sig21 Endocrine M Brown fat
GSM40113 MoCg.FeXi.sig21 Musculoskeletal F Cartilage - Xiphoid
GSM38492 MoCg.MaXi.sig21 Musculoskeletal M Cartilage - Xiphoid
GSM40112 MoCV.Feml.sig21 Reproductive F Cervix and vagina
GSM40114 MoEm.MF18.sig21 Embryonic M/F Embryo E18
GSM35331 MoEs.Feml.sig22 Digestive F Esophagus
GSM27139 MoEs.Male.sig21 Digestive M Esophagus
GSM38493 MoEy.Feml.sig21 Nervous F Eye
GSM36606 MoEy.Male.sig21 Nervous M Eye
GSM44328 MoAo.Feml.sig21 Cardiovascular F Heart aorta
GSM38489 MoAo.Male.sig21 Cardiovascular M Heart aorta
GSM40115 MoHe.FeAt.sig21 Cardiovascular F Heart atria
GSM40116 MoHe.MaAt.sig21 Cardiovascular M Heart atria
GSM27140 MoHe.FeVS.sig21 Cardiovascular F Heart ventricles and septum
GSM36722 MoHe.MaVS.sig21 Cardiovascular M Heart ventricles and septum
GSM34298 MoKi.FeCr.sig23 Genitourinary F Kidney cortex
GSM27142 MoKi.MaCr.sig21 Genitourinary M Kidney cortex
GSM27141 MoKi.FeMd.sig21 Genitourinary F Kidney medulla
GSM27143 MoKi.MaMd.sig21 Genitourinary M Kidney medulla
GSM40117 MoLI.Feml.sig21 Digestive F Large intestine
GSM36723 MoLI.Male.sig21 Digestive M Large intestine
GSM32357 MoLi.MaLL.sig21 Digestive M Liver - left lobe
GSM47341 MoLi.FeRL.sig21 Digestive F Liver - right lobe
GSM36724 MoLi.MaRL.sig21 Digestive M Liver - right lobe
GSM40118 MoLu.Feml.sig21 Cardiovascular F Lung
GSM40119 MoLu.Male.sig21 Cardiovascular M Lung
GSM44332 MoLN.FeMs.sig21 Hematologic F Lymph nodes - mesenteric
GSM38494 MoLN.MaMs.sig21 Hematologic M Lymph nodes - mesenteric
GSM35332 MoMG.Feml.sig21 Reproductive F Mammary gland
GSM34299 MoOv.Feml.sig21 Reproductive F Ovary
GSM38495 MoPi.Feml.sig21 Endocrine F Pituitary
GSM38496 MoPi.Male.sig21 Endocrine M Pituitary
GSM44333 MoPl.FE18.sig21 Reproductive F Placenta - E18
GSM47342 MoPr.Male.sig21 Reproductive M Prostate
GSM47344 MoSM.FeTh.sig21 Musculoskeletal F Skeletal muscle - thigh
GSM47345 MoSM.MaTh.sig21 Musculoskeletal M Skeletal muscle - thigh
GSM32358 MoSk.FeHB.sig22 Integumentary F Skin - hairy, from back
GSM36607 MoSk.MaHB.sig21 Integumentary M Skin - hairy, from back
GSM40120 MoSI.Feml.sig21 Digestive F Small intestine
GSM47343 MoSI.Male.sig22 Digestive M Small intestine
GSM35333 MoSC.FeEn.sig21 Nervous F Spinal cord - entire
GSM38497 MoSC.MaEn.sig21 Nervous M Spinal cord - entire
GSM36608 MoSp.Feml.sig22 Hematologic F Spleen
GSM47346 MoSp.Male.sig22 Hematologic M Spleen
GSM35328 MoSt.Feml.sig21 Digestive F Stomach
GSM40121 MoSt.Male.sig21 Digestive M Stomach
GSM40121 MoTe.Male.sig22 Reproductive M Testis
GSM38498 MoTh.Feml.sig21 Hematologic F Thymus
GSM36725 MoTh.Male.sig21 Hematologic M Thymus
GSM36609 MoTp.Feml.sig21 Endocrine F Thyroid/parathyroid
GSM38499 MoTp.Male.sig21 Endocrine M Thyroid/parathyroid
GSM35330 MoUt.Feml.sig21 Reproductive F Uterus
GSM35329 MoUt.FP18.sig21 Reproductive F Uterus - Pregnant E18
GSM27144 MoWF.FeAb..sig21 Integumentary F White fat - abdomen
GSM32359 MoWF.MaAb.sig22 Integumentary M White fat - abdomen
MoBM.Feml.sig21 Hematologic F Bone marrow
MoBM.Male.sig21 Hematologic M Bone marrow
MoLi.FeLL.sig21 Digestive F Liver - left lobe
MoPn.Feml.sig21 Digestive F Pancreas
MoPn.Male.sig21 Digestive M Pancreas
MoPt.Feml.sig21 Exocrine F Parotid
  MoPt.Male.sig21 Exocrine M Parotid
GSM87830 Reproductive M/F ES cells - C57Bl/6
GSM87831 Reproductive M/F ES cells - 129
Reproductive M/F TS cells - 129
Hematologic M Blood peripheral
Hematologic F Blood peripheral