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Cytogenetic Resource of FISH-mapped, Sequence-tagged Clones

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Chr clone name Distributor1 FISH Placement on genome2 Placement summary3 Insert sequence4 STS4 BAC-ends4 Flag
19 RP11-211I3 C 19p13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 4Mb   AFM164ZB8    
19 RP11-49M3 C 19p13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 2Mb   AFMA052WB9 AQ052937.1 SP6  
19 RP11-54G9 C 19p13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 3Mb   AFMA132ZB9 AQ082000.1  
19 RP11-75H6 C 19p13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 0Mb   AFMA310WD9 AQ266693.1 SP6,
AQ266694.1 T7
19 RP11-84C17 C 19p13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 7Mb   AFMB299WB1    
19 CTB-40H12 R 19p13.3~13.2(CSMC)
chr19 7Mb   AFMA217XG5    
19 RP11-30F17 C 19p13.2~13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 6Mb AC016331.2 T99639 B87761.1 T7,
B87760.1 SP6
19 RP11-19I2 C 19p13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 11Mb AC067963.3 AFMB055ZC9 B89545.1 SP6,
B81964.1 T7
19 RP11-201F4 C 19p13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 13Mb   AFMB022XB1    
19 RP11-31N2 C 19p13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 12Mb   AFM224YE9, AFM224YE9*u, AFM224YE9*u AQ046697.1  
19 RP11-151O22 C 19p13.1~13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 12Mb AC009038.5*u H65733 AQ378138.1 SP6,
AQ378140.1 T7
19 CTA-206G2 R 19p13.1(CSMC)
chr19 23Mb   D19S910    
19 CTA-402A10 R 19p13.1(CSMC)
chr19 17Mb   AFMB021YB9    
19 CTA-663C11 R 19p13.1(CSMC)
chr19 23Mb   D19S910    
19 RP11-107O2 C 19p13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 14Mb   AFM302YB9, AFM302YB9*u    
19 RP11-121I1 C 19p13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 16Mb   AFMA302YA5 AQ342941.1 T7,
AQ342938.1 SP6
19 RP11-88I12 C 19p12~13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 19Mb   AFMA123XF1    
19 RP11-56K21 C 19p13.12(FHCRC)
chr19 14Mb   AFM256YC9, AFM256YC9*u AQ082970.1 ,
19 RP1-292D6 S 19p12(SC)
19 RP11-80B2 C 19p12(FHCRC)
19 RP11-157B13 R 19p12b(NCI)
chr19 22Mb AC020700.4,
SHGC-34357*u AQ373544.1 T7,
AQ373542.1 SP6
19 RP11-110J19 C 19p11~19q11(FHCRC)
chr19 34Mb   AFMB332XE5 AQ318985.1 T7,
AQ350755.1 SP6
19 RP11-206O6 C 19p11~19q11(FHCRC)
chr19 33Mb   AFMA058XC5    
19 RP11-152P7 C 19q11~12(FHCRC)
chr19 33Mb   AFM234VB2, AFM234VB2*u AQ385035.1 SP6  
19 RP11-147D7 CS 19q11~13.11(SC)
chr19 37Mb   AFM248ZC1, AFM248ZC1*u AQ373536.1 SP6  
19 RP11-18J6 C 19q12(FHCRC)
chr19 36Mb   AFM295XG9, AFM295XG9*u B81905.1 T7  
19 RP11-46I12 C 19q12~13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 34Mb   AFM269XG5, AFM269XG5*u AQ201106.1 ,
19 CTB-56C23 R 19q13.1(CSMC)
chr19 33Mb   AFMA058XC5    
19 RP11-32H17 C 19q13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 40Mb   AFMA139WE9, AFMA139WE9*u    
19 RP11-91H20 C 19q13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 43Mb   AFM214YF12 AQ285218.1 T7,
AQ285215.1 SP6
19 RP11-92J4 C 19q13.1(FHCRC)
chr19 41Mb   AFM240VC1, AFM240VC1*u AQ281143.1 SP6  
19 RP11-283B8 C 19q13.1~13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 43Mb   AFMA123XE5, AFMA123XE5*u, AFMA123XE5*u    
19 RP11-67A5 C 19q13.1~13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 44Mb AC018477.12 AA668301    
19 CTD-2271H24 C 19q13(FHCRC)
chr19 50Mb   Hs.75678    
19 RP11-118P21 C 19q13.12(FHCRC)
chr19 43Mb   AFMA123XE9 AQ349178.1 T7  
19 CTB-55N17 R 19q13.2(CSMC)
chr19 48Mb   AFM126ZC1    
19 RP11-126L20 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 50Mb   AFM210YG9 AQ349652.1 T7  
19 RP11-133A7 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 45Mb   AFM238WF10 AZ520486.1 SP6  
19 RP11-140E1 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 43Mb   AFMB018WH1 AQ384916.1 SP6,
AQ384918.1 T7
19 RP11-168F7 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 48Mb   AFMA050YD5*u AQ421406.1 SP6,
AZ517691.1 T7
19 RP11-18J23 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 48Mb   AFM126ZC1    
19 RP11-19H11 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 48Mb   AFM165XA9, AFM165XA9*u    
19 RP11-208I3 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 47Mb   AFMA197XA5 AZ517717.1 SP6  
19 RP11-210C7 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 48Mb   AFMB022ZB9, AFM165XA9, AFM165XA9*u AQ420363.1 T7  
19 RP11-38K11 C 19q13.2(FHCRC)
19 RP11-46C6 CR 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 48Mb AC068785.12 AA425139 AQ199858.1 ,
CL423261.1 T7,
CL423257.1 SP6,
19 RP11-21J15 CR 19q13.2(FHCRC)
chr19 49Mb AC013814.3 AFM329WH1 B85964.1 SP6,
B85965.1 T7
19 CTA-107D9 R 19q13.2~13.3(CSMC)
19 RP11-2J15 C 19q13.2~13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 51Mb AC009858.2*u AFM284YG5, AFM284YG5*u B63642.1 T7,
B48575.1 T7,
B63641.1 SP6
19 RP11-84C16 C 19q13.2~13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 49Mb AC021988.4 H24954    
19 RP11-17I20 C 19q13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 52Mb AC023094.2*d AFMA133ZH9 B82725.1*d SP6 multiple_placements_on_genome
19 RP11-17I20 C 19q13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 53Mb AC023094.2 AFMA133ZH9 B82725.1 SP6 multiple_placements_on_genome
19 RP11-236B14 C 19q13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 55Mb   AFMA115WG5    
19 RP11-39J16 C 19q13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 54Mb   AFMB002VE1*u AQ029121.1 SP6,
AQ029124.1*u T7
19 RP11-43B2 C 19q13.3(FHCRC)
chr19 52Mb   AFMA133ZH9    
19 RP11-3N16 C 19q13.3~13.4(FHCRC)
chr19 53Mb AC011212.3 AA291715 B63839.1 SP6,
B48878.1 T7
19 RP11-50I11 CR 19q13.3~13.4(FHCRC)
chr19 54Mb AC068786.11 AA489700 AQ115178.1 ,
CL423293.1 T7,
CL423289.1 SP6,
19 RP11-43N16 R 19q13.32b(NCI)
chr19 52Mb AC073548.5,
19 CTB-12B3 R 19q13.4(CSMC)
chr19 59Mb   EST125771    
19 CTB-13J6 R 19q13.4(CSMC)
chr19 62Mb   AFM161XF6, AFMA310XF9, AFM161XF6*u    
19 RP11-12C9 C 19q13.4(FHCRC)
chr19 62Mb   AFM163XF8 B74956.1 SP6  
19 RP11-35J17 C 19q13.4(FHCRC)
chr19 58Mb   AFMA083WB5 AQ045816.1 ,
19 RP11-87L13 C 19q13.4(FHCRC)
chr19 60Mb   AFMA357YH1    
total62C:50 R:14 S:26258 136233 

1 Distributor: C, Children's hospical Oakland research institute; R, Research Genetics; S, Sanger Center

2 Placement of clones on the genome. Only clones that are localiized to one or two places on the same chromosome on the draft sequence are included

3 Placement summary indicates sequences used for clone placement.
   BAC-end sequence aligned in the plus orientation
   BAC-end sequence aligned in the minus orientation
   insert sequence
   STS aligned
   insert sequence has clone end information.

4 Sequence-tag

  *d indicates sequences that disagree with placement on the genome.

  *u indicates seqeunces that didn't align to the genome or were not used for annotation because the clone was placed to multiple locations on the human genome.