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ID: 5536
Hepatitis B virus

Expansion of viral variants associated with immune escape and impaired virion secretion in patients with HBV reactivation from resolved infection

Lineage: Viruses[25459]; Riboviria[5792]; Pararnavirae[216]; Artverviricota[216]; Revtraviricetes[216]; Blubervirales[22]; Hepadnaviridae[22]; Orthohepadnavirus[12]; Hepatitis B virus[1]
The aim of study is to clarify the viral factors associated with the pathogenesis of HBV reactivation under immunosuppressive therapy and/or cytotoxic chemotherapy with or without hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.


Sequence data: genome assemblies: 63; sequence reads: 6
Statistics: median total length (Mb): 0.003215
 median protein count: 4
 median GC%: 48.9

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