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ID: 1761
Acidovorax ebreus

Acidovorax ebreus overview

Lineage: Bacteria[22896]; Proteobacteria[7197]; Betaproteobacteria[1018]; Burkholderiales[615]; Comamonadaceae[157]; Acidovorax[18]; Acidovorax ebreus[1]
Acidovorax ebreus. Acidovorax ebreus, formerly Diaphorobacter sp. is a genus of denitrifying bacteria, capable of degrading poly(3-hydroxybutyrate). Acidovorax ebreus is able to anaerobically oxidize iron and uranium when coupled with the reduction of nitrate.


Submitter: US DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI-PGF)
Assembly level: Complete Genome
Morphology: Gram:Negative, Shape:Bacilli, Motility:Yes
Environment: OxygenReq:Facultative, TemperatureRange:Mesophilic, Habitat:Aquatic
Assembly: GCA_000022305.1 ASM2230v1 scaffolds: contigs: N50: 3,796,573 L50: 1
BioProjects: PRJNA29975
Statistics: total length (Mb): 3.79657
 protein count: 3453
 GC%: 66.8

Replicon Info

Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC% Protein rRNA tRNA Other RNA Gene Pseudogene

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