Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma
Representative genome: Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma AYWB
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ID: 1270
Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma

Mycoplasma-like plant pathogen

Lineage: Bacteria[23015]; Tenericutes[243]; Mollicutes[211]; Acholeplasmatales[64]; Acholeplasmataceae[60]; Candidatus Phytoplasma[23]; Candidatus Phytoplasma asteris[8]; Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma[1]
Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma. Aster yellows witches'-broom phytoplasma belongs to a group of mycoplasma-like organisms that infect plants and insects. Phytoplasmas are insect-transmitted plant pathogens that cause economically important diseases in many plant species, including vegetables, ornamentals, and fruit crops. More...


Submitter: Ohio State University
Assembly level: Complete Genome
Morphology: Shape:Cocci
Environment: OxygenReq:Aerobic, TemperatureRange:Mesophilic, Habitat:HostAssociated
Phenotype: Disease:Aster yellows witches'-broom
Assembly: GCA_000012225.1 ASM1222v1 scaffolds: contigs: N50: 706,569 L50: 1
BioProjects: PRJNA13478
Statistics: total length (Mb): 0.72397
 protein count: 557
 GC%: 26.8254

Replicon Info

Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Mb) GC% Protein rRNA tRNA Other RNA Gene Pseudogene

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