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    DMTF1 cyclin D binding myb like transcription factor 1 [ Homo sapiens (human) ]

    Gene ID: 9988, updated on 3-Feb-2021

    GeneRIFs: Gene References Into Functions

    GeneRIFPubMed TitleDate
    the results of the study demonstrated that miR6753p directly regulated the expression of DMTF1, which contributed to the further regulation of Colorectal cancer cell proliferation.

    miR‑675 promotes colorectal cancer cell growth dependent on tumor suppressor DMTF1.
    Yang X, Lou Y, Wang M, Liu C, Liu Y, Huang W., Free PMC Article

    DMTF1 is hemizygously deleted in 35-42% of human cancers and is associated with longer survival. [review]

    c-MYB and DMTF1 in Cancer.
    Fry EA, Inoue K., Free PMC Article

    Cisplatin sensitivity in breast cancer cells is associated with a DMTF1beta splice variant expression.

    Cisplatin sensitivity in breast cancer cells is associated with particular DMTF1 splice variant expression.
    Niklaus NJ, Humbert M, Tschan MP.

    Study demonstrated that an alternative cyclin D-binding myb-like transcription factor 1 (DMTF1) pre-mRNA splicing isoform, DMTF1 beta, is increasingly expressed in breast cancer and promotes mammary tumorigenesis in a transgenic mouse model. [review].

    From General Aberrant Alternative Splicing in Cancers and Its Therapeutic Application to the Discovery of an Oncogenic DMTF1 Isoform.
    Tian N, Li J, Shi J, Sui G., Free PMC Article

    Low DMTF1 expression is associated with in bladder cancer.

    MicroRNA-155 promotes bladder cancer growth by repressing the tumor suppressor DMTF1.
    Peng Y, Dong W, Lin TX, Zhong GZ, Liao B, Wang B, Gu P, Huang L, Xie Y, Lu FD, Chen X, Xie WB, He W, Wu SX, Huang J., Free PMC Article

    findings imply that DMP1alpha- and beta-ratios are tightly regulated in hematopoietic cells and DMP1beta antagonizes DMP1alpha transcriptional regulation of ARF resulting in the alteration of cellular control with a gain in proliferation

    Human DMTF1β antagonizes DMTF1α regulation of the p14(ARF) tumor suppressor and promotes cellular proliferation.
    Tschan MP, Federzoni EA, Haimovici A, Britschgi C, Moser BA, Jin J, Reddy VA, Sheeter DA, Fischer KM, Sun P, Torbett BE., Free PMC Article

    This study reveals a pivotal role of combined Dmp1 loss and cyclin D1 overexpression in breast cancer.

    Cooperation between Dmp1 loss and cyclin D1 overexpression in breast cancer.
    Zhu S, Mott RT, Fry EA, Taneja P, Kulik G, Sui G, Inoue K., Free PMC Article

    LOH for hDMP1 was associated with luminal A category and longer relapse-free survival

    Prognostic value of the hDMP1-ARF-Hdm2-p53 pathway in breast cancer.
    Maglic D, Zhu S, Fry EA, Taneja P, Kai F, Kendig RD, Sugiyama T, Miller LD, Willingham MC, Inoue K., Free PMC Article

    new mechanism of p53 activation mediated by direct physical interaction between Dmp1 and p53.

    Dmp1 physically interacts with p53 and positively regulates p53's stability, nuclear localization, and function.
    Frazier DP, Kendig RD, Kai F, Maglic D, Sugiyama T, Morgan RL, Fry EA, Lagedrost SJ, Sui G, Inoue K., Free PMC Article

    Meta-analysis and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

    Meta-analysis of genome-wide association data of bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder.
    Liu Y, Blackwood DH, Caesar S, de Geus EJ, Farmer A, Ferreira MA, Ferrier IN, Fraser C, Gordon-Smith K, Green EK, Grozeva D, Gurling HM, Hamshere ML, Heutink P, Holmans PA, Hoogendijk WJ, Hottenga JJ, Jones L, Jones IR, Kirov G, Lin D, McGuffin P, Moskvina V, Nolen WA, Perlis RH, Posthuma D, Scolnick EM, Smit AB, Smit JH, Smoller JW, St Clair D, van Dyck R, Verhage M, Willemsen G, Young AH, Zandbelt T, Boomsma DI, Craddock N, O'Donovan MC, Owen MJ, Penninx BW, Purcell S, Sklar P, Sullivan PF, Wellcome Trust Case-Control Consortium.., Free PMC Article

    Loss of heterozygosity (LOH) of the hDMP1 gene was detectable in approximately 35% of human lung carcinomas, which was found in mutually exclusive fashion with LOH of INK4a/ARF or that of P53. DMP1 is a pivotal tumor suppressor for human lung cancers.

    Mutually exclusive inactivation of DMP1 and ARF/p53 in lung cancer.
    Mallakin A, Sugiyama T, Taneja P, Matise LA, Frazier DP, Choudhary M, Hawkins GA, D'Agostino RB Jr, Willingham MC, Inoue K., Free PMC Article

    WT1 downregulation during myeloid differentiation of NB4 and HL60 leukemic cell lines is associated with increased tumor repressor hDMP1 mRNA levels

    The hDMP1 tumor suppressor is a new WT1 target in myeloid leukemias.
    Tschan MP, Gullberg U, Shan D, Torbett BE, Fey MF, Tobler A.

    Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

    Single nucleotide polymorphisms in breast cancer.
    Försti A, Angelini S, Festa F, Sanyal S, Zhang Z, Grzybowska E, Pamula J, Pekala W, Zientek H, Hemminki K, Kumar R.

    hDMP1beta antagonizes hDMP1alpha activity and cellular functions of hDMP1 may be regulated by cellular hDMP1 isoform levels

    Alternative splicing of the human cyclin D-binding Myb-like protein (hDMP1) yields a truncated protein isoform that alters macrophage differentiation patterns.
    Tschan MP, Fischer KM, Fung VS, Pirnia F, Borner MM, Fey MF, Tobler A, Torbett BE.

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