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    VLDLR very low density lipoprotein receptor [ Homo sapiens (human) ]

    Gene ID: 7436, updated on 5-Aug-2018

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    Our findings described an atherogenic phenotype characterized by low VLDL-C but high VLDLR mRNA expression in peripheral WBCs, which suggested that VLDLR in all types of peripheral WBCs may be involved in lipid deposition, and VLDL-C and VLDLR may co-determine the development of atherosclerosis.

    Low Very low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol but High Very low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor mRNA Expression in Peripheral White Blood Cells: An Atherogenic Phenotype for Atherosclerosis in a Community-Based Population.
    Zhao F, Qi Y, Liu J, Wang W, Xie W, Sun J, Liu J, Hao Y, Wang M, Li Y, Zhao D., Free PMC Article

    In the second family, we identified a previously unreported homozygous missense change, c.154T > C (p.Cys52Arg) in the VLDLR gene

    Whole exome sequencing is necessary to clarify ID/DD cases with de novo copy number variants of uncertain significance: Two proof-of-concept examples.
    Giorgio E, Ciolfi A, Biamino E, Caputo V, Di Gregorio E, Belligni EF, Calcia A, Gaidolfi E, Bruselles A, Mancini C, Cavalieri S, Molinatto C, Cirillo Silengo M, Ferrero GB, Tartaglia M, Brusco A.

    VLDLR expression was negatively regulated by miR-200c Colorectal cancer (CRC) cells and their expression levels were inversely correlated in CRC patients.

    Decreased expression of VLDLR is inversely correlated with miR-200c in human colorectal cancer.
    Kim BK, Yoo HI, Lee AR, Choi K, Yoon SK.

    We screened for mutations in RELN or VLDLR and compared the phenotype of these patients with that of previously reported patients. differences in clinical severity, involvement of the cerebellar hemispheres, together with the severity of the neocortical defect, enables RELN-mutated patients to be distinguished from VLDLR-mutated patients.

    RELN and VLDLR mutations underlie two distinguishable clinico-radiological phenotypes.
    Valence S, Garel C, Barth M, Toutain A, Paris C, Amsallem D, Barthez MA, Mayer M, Rodriguez D, Burglen L.

    Data suggest that, in the binding of fibrin beta N-domains and the (1-8) peptide fragment of VLDLR (very low density lipoprotein receptor), the second and third Lys/Arg clusters in fibrin make major contributions to this interaction while the contribution of the first cluster is moderate.

    Interaction of Fibrin with the Very Low-Density Lipoprotein (VLDL) Receptor: Further Characterization and Localization of the VLDL Receptor-Binding Site in Fibrin βN-Domains.
    Yakovlev S, Medved L.

    The presence of reelin was elevated in junctional areas as in dysplastic nevi. VLDLR presented positive values in 16 cases (16/ 32) and ApoER2 was weak positive in 7 cases.

    Reelin and its receptors, VLDLR and ApoER2, in melanocytic nevi.
    Mihail A, Coman G, Staniceanu F, Coman L, Zurac S, Coman OA., Free PMC Article

    These results for the first time demonstrated that SalA protected against IS/RP-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction through suppression of VLDL receptor expression

    SalA attenuates ischemia/reperfusion-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction via down-regulation of VLDL receptor expression.
    Yang D, Zhang P, Wang T, Gao L, Qiao Z, Liang Y, Yu B.

    these results suggest that VLDLR functions in vivo as an HCV receptor independent of canonical CD81-mediated HCV entry.

    Hepatitis C virus utilizes VLDLR as a novel entry pathway.
    Ujino S, Nishitsuji H, Hishiki T, Sugiyama K, Takaku H, Shimotohno K., Free PMC Article

    the results obtained indicate that minimal fibrin-binding structures are located within the second and third CR domains of the VLDL receptor and the presence of the fourth CR domain is required for high-affinity binding

    Interaction of Fibrin with the Very Low Density Lipoprotein Receptor: Further Characterization and Localization of the Fibrin-Binding Site.
    Yakovlev S, Medved L., Free PMC Article

    The results of this study demonstrated the presence of reelin, its receptors VLDLR and ApoER2 as well as Dab1 in the ENS and might indicate a novel role of the reelin system in regulating neuronal plasticity and pre-synaptic functions in the ENS.

    Expression and regulation of reelin and its receptors in the enteric nervous system.
    Böttner M, Ghorbani P, Harde J, Barrenschee M, Hellwig I, Vogel I, Ebsen M, Förster E, Wedel T.

    these results suggested that the miR-135a-VLDLR-p38 axis may contribute to gallbladder cancer cell proliferation

    MicroRNA-135a acts as a putative tumor suppressor by directly targeting very low density lipoprotein receptor in human gallbladder cancer.
    Zhou H, Guo W, Zhao Y, Wang Y, Zha R, Ding J, Liang L, Yang G, Chen Z, Ma B, Yin B., Free PMC Article

    study identified a novel homozygous VLDLR c.2248C>T mutation (p.Q750X) and distinctive MRI findings in 2 siblings with ataxia; also marked vitamin E deficiency was detected in the proband

    Mutations in VLDLR associated with ataxia with secondary vitamin E deficiency.
    Kruer MC, Jepperson TN, Weimer JM, Mroch A, Davis-Keppen L, Crotwell P, Parboosingh J.

    these results identify a novel role for the VLDLR as a negative regulator of DC-mediated adaptive immune responses in HDM-induced allergic airway inflammation.

    The very low density lipoprotein receptor attenuates house dust mite-induced airway inflammation by suppressing dendritic cell-mediated adaptive immune responses.
    Fredriksson K, Mishra A, Lam JK, Mushaben EM, Cuento RA, Meyer KS, Yao X, Keeran KJ, Nugent GZ, Qu X, Yu ZX, Yang Y, Raghavachari N, Dagur PK, McCoy JP, Levine SJ., Free PMC Article

    ectopic expression of HIC1 in U2OS and MDA-MB-231 cell lines decreases expression of the ApoER2 and VLDLR genes, encoding two canonical tyrosine kinase receptors for Reelin.

    The Reelin receptors ApoER2 and VLDLR are direct target genes of HIC1 (Hypermethylated In Cancer 1).
    Dubuissez M, Faiderbe P, Pinte S, Dehennaut V, Rood BR, Leprince D.

    an unusual constellation of VLDLR mutations in Cerebellar ataxia, mental retardation and dysequilibrium syndrome 1 is reported

    Cerebellar ataxia, mental retardation and dysequilibrium syndrome 1 (CAMRQ1) caused by an unusual constellation of VLDLR mutation.
    Schlotawa L, Hotz A, Zeschnigk C, Hartmann B, Gärtner J, Morris-Rosendahl D.

    Results show variation in VLDLR is implicated in disordered gambling

    Genome-wide association study of a quantitative disordered gambling trait.
    Lind PA, Zhu G, Montgomery GW, Madden PA, Heath AC, Martin NG, Slutske WS., Free PMC Article

    These results conclude that in the hypoxic hearts of mice and men, the VLDLr gene is regulated by a direct binding of Hif-1alpha to the VLDLr promoter

    Hypoxia-induced regulation of the very low density lipoprotein receptor.
    Sundelin JP, Lidberg U, Nik AM, Carlsson P, Borén J.

    Stx5 might play a role in modulating VLDL-R physiology by participating in an abrasively described or completely novel Golgi-bypass pathway.

    Stx5 is a novel interactor of VLDL-R to affect its intracellular trafficking and processing.
    Wagner T, Dieckmann M, Jaeger S, Weggen S, Pietrzik CU.

    In this report, we present 3 patients from 2 different families displaying very low density lipoprotein receptor-associated pontocerebellar hypoplasia, cortical dysplasia, mental retardation, and bipedal gait.

    The very low density lipoprotein receptor-associated pontocerebellar hypoplasia and dysmorphic features in three Turkish patients.
    Sonmez FM, Gleeson JG, Celep F, Kul S., Free PMC Article

    The pathological increase of HIF-1alpha in clear-cell renal cell carcinoma cells upregulates VLDL-R, which mediates increased uptake and accumulation of lipids.

    Increased expression of the very low-density lipoprotein receptor mediates lipid accumulation in clear-cell renal cell carcinoma.
    Sundelin JP, Ståhlman M, Lundqvist A, Levin M, Parini P, Johansson ME, Borén J., Free PMC Article

    Insulin could down-regulate expression of type I VLDLR and up-regulate the expression of type II VLDLR in SGC7901 cells.

    Effect of insulin on the differential expression of VLDL receptor isoforms of SGC7901 cell and its biological implication.
    Cai Z, Li F, Peng C, Li H, Zong Y, Liu Z, Qu S.

    A homozygous missense mutation (c.2117 G > T, p.C706F) is identified in the VLDLR gene in both families on a shared affected haplotype block.

    A missense founder mutation in VLDLR is associated with Dysequilibrium Syndrome without quadrupedal locomotion.
    Ali BR, Silhavy JL, Gleeson MJ, Gleeson JG, Al-Gazali L., Free PMC Article

    Variation in genes encoding proteins at the gateway of Reelin signaling: ligands RELN and APOE, their common receptors APOER2 and VLDLR, and adaptor DAB1, was examined.

    Impact of the Reelin signaling cascade (ligands-receptors-adaptor complex) on cognition in schizophrenia.
    Verbrugghe P, Bouwer S, Wiltshire S, Carter K, Chandler D, Cooper M, Morar B, Razif MF, Henders A, Badcock JC, Dragovic M, Carr V, Almeida OP, Flicker L, Montgomery G, Jablensky A, Kalaydjieva L.

    VLDLR encodes very low-dentisy lipoprotein receptor.

    Pure distal 9p deletion in a female infant with cerebral palsy.
    Chen CP, Lin SP, Su YN, Su JW, Chern SR, Town DD, Wang W.

    In the expression study, only ARG1 (4.5-fold) and VLDLR (4-fold) expressions were significantly upregulated in the overweight group compared with the normal-weight group.

    Arginase I and the very low-density lipoprotein receptor are associated with phenotypic biomarkers for obesity.
    Kim OY, Lee SM, Chung JH, Do HJ, Moon J, Shin MJ.

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