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    RUSC1 RUN and SH3 domain containing 1 [ Homo sapiens (human) ]

    Gene ID: 23623, updated on 21-Dec-2019

    GeneRIFs: Gene References Into Functions

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    The present study demonstrated that lncRNA RUSC1ASN promoted cell viability and metastasis via Wnt/betacatenin signaling in human breast cancer.

    Long noncoding RNA RUSC1‑AS‑N promotes cell proliferation and metastasis through Wnt/β‑catenin signaling in human breast cancer.
    Zhou P, Liu P, Zhang J., Free PMC Article

    AP-4 deficiency causes missorting of ATG9A in diverse cell types, including patient-derived cells, as well as dysregulation of autophagy.

    AP-4 vesicles contribute to spatial control of autophagy via RUSC-dependent peripheral delivery of ATG9A.
    Davies AK, Itzhak DN, Edgar JR, Archuleta TL, Hirst J, Jackson LP, Robinson MS, Borner GHH., Free PMC Article

    RUN domain of NESCA can bind H-Ras, a downstream signaling molecule of TrkA, with high affinity. Moreover, NESCA RUN can directly interact with TrkA.

    Crystal structure and functional implication of the RUN domain of human NESCA.
    Sun Q, Han C, Liu L, Wang Y, Deng H, Bai L, Jiang T., Free PMC Article

    Nesca functions as an adapter involved in neuronal vesicular transport

    Nesca, a novel neuronal adapter protein, links the molecular motor kinesin with the pre-synaptic membrane protein, syntaxin-1, in hippocampal neurons.
    MacDonald JI, Dietrich A, Gamble S, Hryciw T, Grant RI, Meakin SO.

    Data show that NESCA and NEMO interact by their N-terminal region, that NESCA directly associates with TRAF6, which in turn catalyzes NESCA polyubiquitination, and that NESCA overexpression strongly inhibits TRAF6-mediated polyubiquitination of NEMO.

    NESCA: a new NEMO/IKKgamma and TRAF6 interacting protein.
    Napolitano G, Mirra S, Monfregola J, Lavorgna A, Leonardi A, Ursini MV.

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