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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliasesMIM
    ID: 11200
    checkpoint kinase 2 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 22, NC_000022.11 (28687743..28741866, complement)CDS1, CHK2, HuCds1, LFS2, PP1425, RAD53, hCds1604373
    ID: 9112
    metastasis associated 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 14, NC_000014.9 (105419849..105470729)603526
    ID: 7422
    vascular endothelial growth factor A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 6, NC_000006.12 (43770209..43786487)MVCD1, VEGF, VPF192240
    ID: 7291
    twist family bHLH transcription factor 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 7, NC_000007.14 (19113047..19117672, complement)ACS3, BPES2, BPES3, CRS, CRS1, CSO, SCS, TWIST, bHLHa38601622
    ID: 7076
    TIMP metallopeptidase inhibitor 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome X, NC_000023.11 (47582291..47586791)CLGI, EPA, EPO, HCI, TIMP, TIMP-1305370
    ID: 7040
    transforming growth factor beta 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 19, NC_000019.10 (41330531..41353933, complement)CED, DPD1, LAP, TGFB, TGFbeta190180
    ID: 7015
    telomerase reverse transcriptase [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 5, NC_000005.10 (1253167..1295626, complement)CMM9, DKCA2, DKCB4, EST2, PFBMFT1, TCS1, TP2, TRT, hEST2, hTRT187270
    ID: 6275
    S100 calcium binding protein A4 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (153543619..153545806, complement)18A2, 42A, CAPL, FSP1, MTS1, P9KA, PEL98114210
    ID: 5154
    platelet derived growth factor subunit A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 7, NC_000007.14 (497245..520668, complement)PDGF-A, PDGF1173430
    ID: 4833
    NME/NM23 nucleoside diphosphate kinase 4 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (396755..400754)NDPK-D, NM23H4, nm23-H4601818
    ID: 4318
    matrix metallopeptidase 9 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 20, NC_000020.11 (46008908..46016561)CLG4B, GELB, MANDP2, MMP-9120361
    ID: 4313
    matrix metallopeptidase 2 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (55478830..55506691)CLG4, CLG4A, MMP-2, MMP-II, MONA, TBE-1120360
    ID: 4312
    matrix metallopeptidase 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (102789910..102798235, complement)CLG, CLGN120353
    ID: 3690
    integrin subunit beta 3 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (47253842..47312711)BDPLT16, BDPLT2, CD61, GP3A, GPIIIa, GT173470
    ID: 3001
    granzyme A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 5, NC_000005.10 (55102646..55110252)CTLA3, HFSP140050
    ID: 1869
    E2F transcription factor 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 20, NC_000020.11 (33675486..33686404, complement)E2F-1, RBAP1, RBBP3, RBP3189971
    ID: 1029
    cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor 2A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (21967752..21995043, complement)ARF, CDK4I, CDKN2, CMM2, INK4, INK4A, MLM, MTS-1, MTS1, P14, P14ARF, P16, P16-INK4A, P16INK4, P16INK4A, P19, P19ARF, TP16600160
    ID: 993
    cell division cycle 25A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 3, NC_000003.12 (48157178..48188658, complement)CDC25A2116947
    ID: 581
    BCL2 associated X, apoptosis regulator [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 19, NC_000019.10 (48954825..48961798)BCL2L4600040
    ID: 572
    BCL2 associated agonist of cell death [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (64269828..64284704, complement)BBC2, BCL2L8603167
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