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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 31293
    Notch [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome X, NC_004354.4 (3134870..3172221)Dmel_CG3936, 1.1, 16-178, 16-55, Ax, CG3936, CT13012, Chp, Co, Dmel\CG3936, EG:140G11.1, EG:163A10.2ECD, NICD, RICN, anon-EST:Liang-1.12, clone 1.12, co, dNotch, fa, l(1)3Cb, l(1)Ax, l(1)N, n[fah], nd, notch, shd, spl, swb, N
    ID: 31000
    embryonic lethal abnormal vision [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome X, NC_004354.4 (509235..523226, complement)Dmel_CG4262, 44C11, 9F8A9, CG4262, Dmel\CG4262, EC7, EG:65F1.2, ELAV, END1-2, ElaV, Elav, Elav-9F8A9, dHuR-1, elav-2, elav-3, fliJ, l(1)1Be, l(1)EC7, l(1)G0031, l(1)G0319, weg, elav
    ID: 34263
    CG3779 gene product from transcript CG3779-RB [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 2L, NT_033779.5 (9437469..9464184)Dmel_CG3779, CG3779, Dmel\CG3779, N7-1, Nb, Numb, d-numb, dNumb, l(2)03235, l(2)3235, l(2)s2201, nbs
    ID: 39173
    Death regulator Nedd2-like caspase [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 3L, NT_037436.4 (9968479..9971002)Dmel_CG8091, CG8090, CG8091, DRONC, Dmel\CG8091/Casp9, Nc, Nc\Dronc, anon-EST:GreesD6, anon-EST:GressD6, anon-WO0118547.313, caspase-9, dronc, Dronc
    ID: 42379
    miranda [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 3R, NT_033777.3 (19931799..19935120, complement)Dmel_CG12249, CG12249, Dmel\CG12249, MIR, MIRA, Mir, Mira, Miranda, mir
    ID: 40232
    CG12306 gene product from transcript CG12306-RA [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 3L, NT_037436.4 (20309654..20313466)Dmel_CG12306, 0256/04, 1324/08, CG12306, Dmel\CG12306, PLK1, POLO, POLO/PLK1, Polo, Polo kinase, anon-WO0172774.3, l(3)01673, l(3)77Aa, l(3)S025604, l(3)S132408
    ID: 30985
    asense [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome X, NC_004354.4 (460747..463176)Dmel_CG3258, AS-C T8, AS-C T8ase, AS-T8, ASC, Ase, CG3258, Dmel\CG3258, EG:165H7.2, T1, T1A, T1a, T8, as-T8, ascT8, bHLHc28, sc/T8
    ID: 45959
    microtubule star [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 2L, NT_033779.5 (7827650..7833576)Dmel_CG7109, 5559, CG7109, DmPp2A-28D, Dmel\CG7109, ER2-6, MTS, MTS/PP2A, Mts, PP2, PP2A, PP2A 28D, PP2A C, PP2A-C, PP2A/MTS, PP2A[C], PP2A[[C]], PP2Ac, PP2a, PP2a 28D, Pp2A, Pp2A-28D, dPP2A, dPP2A-C, l(2)02496, l(2)s5286
    ID: 31394
    partner of numb [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome X, NC_004354.4 (4636318..4639112)Dmel_CG3346, CG3346, Dmel\CG3346, PON, Pon
    ID: 43151
    Enhancer of split mgamma, helix-loop-helix [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 3R, NT_033777.3 (25999851..26000761)Dmel_CG8333, CG8333, Dm-mB, Dmel\CG8333, E(Spl) HLH-m gamma, E(spl) m gamma, E(spl) mg, E(spl) mgamma, E(spl)-mgamma, E(spl)Mgamma, E(spl)gamma, E(spl)mB, E(spl)mgamma, HLH-mgamma, HLHMgamma, HLHmB, HLHmgamma, HlHmg, Mgamma, anon-EST:Liang-1.49, bHLHb34, clone 1.49, e(spl)mgamma, gamma, mB, mg, mgamma
    ID: 318559
    sanpodo [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]Chromosome 3R, NT_033777.3 (30476684..30478849)Dmel_CG31020, 0970/02, BcDNA:RE23355, CG31020, Dmel\CG31020, Spdo
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