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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 30646
    glial fibrillary acidic protein [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 3, NC_007114.7 (31792441..31804800, complement)cb345, etID36982.3l, wu:fb34h11, wu:fk42c12, xx:af506734, zgc:110485, gfap
    ID: 30608
    growth associated protein 43 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 15, NC_007126.7 (47161917..47176147)cb310, gap
    ID: 30314
    apolipoprotein Eb [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 16, NC_007127.7 (23960778..23963592)apoe, cb82, fa96d02, hm:zeh1311, wu:fa03d06, wu:fa96d02, wu:fa97a11, wu:fc95h12, wu:fj54e06
    ID: 335916
    Jun proto-oncogene, AP-1 transcription factor subunit [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 20, NC_007131.7 (15552747..15554606)c-Jun, fj36h07, wu:fj36h07, zgc:65863
    ID: 335409
    suppressor of cytokine signaling 3a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 3, NC_007114.7 (57423137..57425959, complement)fj09e12, socs3, wu:fj09e12, zgc:56537
    ID: 393939
    activating transcription factor 3 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 20, NC_007131.7 (37794678..37800737)zgc:55526
    ID: 406596
    suppressor of cytokine signaling 3b [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.7 (34273346..34277465)zgc:77038
    ID: 280650
    Kruppel-like factor 6a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 24, NC_007135.7 (4141479..4148914, complement)cb538, copeb, klf6, wu:fb76d04, wu:fb92h03, wu:fe26g06, wu:fk78f12
    ID: 568184
    low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 2a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 9, NC_007120.7 (48414937..48669114)im:680590, lrp2
    ID: 336617
    Thy-1 cell surface antigen [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 5, NC_007116.7 (29794040..29803293)wu:fb15c03, wu:fb18g05, zgc:123140
    ID: 449803
    complement component 1, q subcomponent, C chain [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 21, NC_007132.7 (22717824..22720359, complement)zgc:103597
    ID: 570368
    arginase 1 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.7 (9597151..9617770, complement)SI:zC146F4.4, si:ch211-146f4.3, zC146F4.3
    ID: 321033
    allograft inflammatory factor 1-like [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 5, NC_007116.7 (34549417..34575502)aif1, cb10, sb:cb10, wu:fa04b11, wu:fi14f08, zgc:73179
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