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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliasesMIM
    ID: 4683
    nibrin [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 8, NC_000008.11 (89933336..89984724, complement)AT-V1, AT-V2, ATV, NBS, NBS1, P95602667
    ID: 4221
    menin 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (64803514..64811294, complement)MEAI, SCG2613733
    ID: 641
    Bloom syndrome RecQ like helicase [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (90717327..90815462)BS, RECQ2, RECQL2, RECQL3604610
    ID: 7158
    tumor protein p53 binding protein 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (43403064..43510728, complement)53BP1, TDRD30, TP53, p202, p53BP1605230
    ID: 4361
    MRE11 homolog, double strand break repair nuclease [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (94415570..94512701, complement)ATLD, HNGS1A, MRE11B, MRE11600814
    ID: 10111
    RAD50 double strand break repair protein [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 5, NC_000005.10 (132556924..132644621)NBSLD2, hRad50, RAD50604040
    ID: 17283
    multiple endocrine neoplasia 1 [Mus musculus (house mouse)]Chromosome 19, NC_000085.6 (6334979..6340894)AW045611
    ID: 8085
    lysine methyltransferase 2D [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 12, NC_000012.12 (49018975..49060884, complement)AAD10, ALR, CAGL114, KABUK1, KMS, MLL2, MLL4, TNRC21602113
    ID: 27223
    transformation related protein 53 binding protein 1 [Mus musculus (house mouse)]Chromosome 2, NC_000068.7 (121194835..121290325, complement)53BP1, Tp53bp1, m53BP1, p53BP1
    ID: 11091
    WD repeat domain 5 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (134135382..134159972)BIG-3, CFAP89, SWD3609012
    ID: 7403
    lysine demethylase 6A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome X, NC_000023.11 (44873175..45112612)KABUK2, UTX, bA386N14.2300128
    ID: 29417
    menin 1 [Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat)]Chromosome 1, NC_005100.4 (221704394..221710343)menin
    ID: 9070
    ASH2 like, histone lysine methyltransferase complex subunit [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 8, NC_000008.11 (38104965..38140080)ASH21, ASH2L2, Bre2, ASH2L604782
    ID: 58508
    lysine methyltransferase 2C [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 7, NC_000007.14 (152134925..152436642, complement)HALR, KLEFS2, MLL3606833
    ID: 22289
    lysine (K)-specific demethylase 6A [Mus musculus (house mouse)]Chromosome X, NC_000086.7 (18162364..18279936)Utx
    ID: 5929
    RB binding protein 5, histone lysine methyltransferase complex subunit [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (205086142..205122022, complement)RBQ3, SWD1600697
    ID: 9739
    SET domain containing 1A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (30956618..30984664)KMT2F, Set1, Set1A611052
    ID: 9757
    lysine methyltransferase 2B [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 19, NC_000019.10 (35717818..35738880)CXXC10, DYT28, HRX2, MLL1B, MLL2, MLL4, TRX2, WBP-7, WBP7606834
    ID: 23054
    nuclear receptor coactivator 6 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 20, NC_000020.11 (34714774..34825649, complement)AIB3, ASC2, NRC, PRIP, RAP250, TRBP605299
    ID: 56406
    nuclear receptor coactivator 6 [Mus musculus (house mouse)]Chromosome 2, NC_000068.7 (155390656..155473894, complement)AIB3, ASC-2, ASC2, NRC, Ncoa7, PRIP, RAP250, mKIAA0181
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