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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 3635385
    multidrug resistance protein CDR1 originally isolated by ability to functionally substitute for S. cerevisiae PDR5 (YOR153W) ABC transporter [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.13421
    ID: 3647969
    agglutinin-like protein fragment; almost identical to N terminus of ALS3 large allele (AAO72959); aka ALS8 [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.9379
    ID: 3641571
    cytochrome P450 lanosterol 14-alpha -demethylase; ergosterol biosynthesis [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.922
    ID: 3644166
    positive regulator of filamentous growth; negative regulator of meiosis in S. cerevisiae; can substitute for some activities of S. cerevisiae SOK2 (YMR016C); APSES DNA binding domain; allelic CaP19.610 has different C terminus [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.8243
    ID: 3639260
    Major Facilitator Transporter; benomyl/methotrexate resistance; aka BMR; closest S. cerevisiae gene is FLR1 (YBR008C) multidrug transporter [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.5604
    ID: 3637393
    MAP kinase involved in osmoregulation; identified by functional complementation of S. cerevisiae hog1 (YLR113W) deletion mutant. [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.895
    ID: 3642789
    MAP kinase-like orf; aka CEK1; one of two protein kinase genes similar to S. cerevisiae MAP kinases FUS3 (YBL016W) and KSS1 (YGR040W) involved in pheromone signal transduction [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.2886
    ID: 3645386
    hyphal-specific cell wall protein; aka ECE2; C terminus similar to that of HWP99 and RBT1; similar to S. cerevisiae MUC1 (YIR019C) cell surface flocculin [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.8901
    ID: 3640334
    agglutinin-like protein; good match to ALS5 large allele (AAO72529); aka agglutinin-like adhesin ALA1 [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.13158
    ID: 3643280
    proteolytically activated regulator of alkaline-induced filamentation; zinc finger protein similar to S. cerevisiae RIM101 (YHL027W) transcriptional activator needed for entry into meiosis [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.7247
    ID: 3643989
    RAS family protein capable of functionally substituting for S. cerevisiae RAS1 (YOR101W); involved in signal transduction controlling hyphal differentiation [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.9329
    ID: 3640315
    agglutinin-like protein; almost identical to ALS1 [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.13163
    ID: 3642256
    CREB like repressor [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.7458
    ID: 3638153
    potential Fungal Zn2-Cys6 cluster domain similar to that of S. cerevisiae UME6; N terminal-truncated allele [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.10259
    ID: 3637703
    likely AAA ATPase similar to S. cerevisiae VPS4 (YPR173C) AAA ATPase involved in vacuolar sorting [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.4339
    ID: 3644264
    N terminal fragment of CaP19.4433/CPH1/ACPR STE12-like transcription factor [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.11911
    ID: 3647354
    secretory aspartyl proteinase SAP2p [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.3708
    ID: 3637507
    heat shock protein; similar to P.anserina ModE1 which affects sexual cycle and suppresses vegetative incompatibility [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.13868
    ID: 3646488
    one of two genes similar to S. cerevisiae CDC42 (YLR229C) rho family small monomeric GTPase; signal transduction [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.390
    ID: 3643166
    NRG1 represses yeast-hypha morphogenesis and hypha-specific gene expression in Candida albicans; similar to S. cerevisiae NRG1 and NRG2; zinc finger protein [Candida albicans SC5314]CaO19.7150
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