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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 30513
    myogenic differentiation 1 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 25, NC_007136.6 (30843777..30845983, complement)etID309723.25, myod, wu:fb57a01, zgc:136744
    ID: 30425
    paired box 2a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 13, NC_007124.6 (29640165..29673809)PAXZF-B, Pax-2, cb378, noi, pax-b, pax2.11, pax[zf-b], paxb, pax2a
    ID: 796537
    kinase insert domain receptor like [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 14, NC_007125.6 (32643455..32704627, complement)flk, flk-1, flk1, kdr, kdra, vegfr-2, vegfr2, vegfr2a, vegfr4, vegr2, wu:fk52c05
    ID: 30481
    GATA binding protein 1a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 11, NC_007122.6 (25174296..25181242, complement)gata1, gta1, zg1
    ID: 30766
    T-cell acute lymphocytic leukemia 1 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 22, NC_007133.6 (16509315..16519059)SCL-alpha, SCL-beta, scl, scl/tal1, tal-1, zgc:85605
    ID: 30619
    Fli-1 proto-oncogene, ETS transcription factor a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 18, NC_007129.6 (48426169..48493178)cb855, fli, fli-1, fli1, wu:fc45b11
    ID: 58126
    runt-related transcription factor 1 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 1, NC_007112.6 (1241703..1253991, complement)runxa
    ID: 114447
    chemokine (C-X-C motif), receptor 4b [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 9, NC_007120.6 (10721582..10723557)CXCR4, cb403, zgc:109863
    ID: 30245
    wilms tumor 1a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 25, NC_007136.6 (15081825..15117648, complement)wt1, zwt1
    ID: 798281
    caudal type homeobox 4 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 14, NC_007125.6 (32621389..32624844, complement)CHUNP6923, cad1, cb546, cdx1, id:ibd1215, id:ibd2812, id:ibd5107, kgg, kugelig
    ID: 30596
    hemoglobin beta embryonic-3 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.6 (20217595..20218669, complement)zgc:110736
    ID: 30317
    homeobox B5a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 3, NC_007114.6 (23577152..23579547)ZF-21, ZF21, hox-2.1, hox-B5, hoxb5, wu:fc38c09, z-18
    ID: 30340
    homeobox B4a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 3, NC_007114.6 (23591260..23592940)HOX-B4, Z-17, ZF-13, hoxb4, zf13
    ID: 58047
    homeobox A9a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 19, NC_007130.6 (20177150..20179188)fd07f09, hoxx9, wu:fd07f09, z-10, zgc:110505
    ID: 58052
    homeobox B5b [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.6 (27038299..27040375)ZF-54, ZF54, hoxa5, hoxb5-like, hoxzf54, id:ibd2566, z-2, zgc:101134
    ID: 58053
    homeobox B6b [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.6 (27035698..27037120)hoxa7, z-5
    ID: 58044
    homeobox B7a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 3, NC_007114.6 (23561166..23565725)fc39g02, hoxb7, wu:fc39g02, z-139
    ID: 30343
    homeobox B8a [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 3, NC_007114.6 (23557276..23560102)fj67g02, gp-8, hoxb8, wu:fj67g02, zgc:64159
    ID: 30159
    transcription factor 15 [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 8, NC_007119.6 (28584517..28586263)par1
    ID: 30420
    homeobox B8b [Danio rerio (zebrafish)]Chromosome 12, NC_007123.6 (27026249..27028759)hoxa8, z-9
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