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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliasesMIM
    ID: 4000
    lamin A/C [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (156082546..156140089)CDCD1, CDDC, CMD1A, CMT2B1, EMD2, FPL, FPLD, FPLD2, HGPS, IDC, LDP1, LFP, LGMD1B, LMN1, LMNC, LMNL1, MADA, PRO1150330
    ID: 4869
    nucleophosmin [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 5, NC_000005.10 (171387648..171410900)B23, NPM164040
    ID: 3309
    heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 5 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (125234848..125241387, complement)BIP, GRP78, HEL-S-89n, MIF2138120
    ID: 3303
    heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 1A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 6, NC_000006.12 (31815514..31817942)HEL-S-103, HSP70-1, HSP70-1A, HSP70.1, HSP70I, HSP72, HSPA1140550
    ID: 5591
    protein kinase, DNA-activated, catalytic polypeptide [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 8, NC_000008.11 (47773108..47960183, complement)DNA-PKcs, DNAPK, DNPK1, HYRC, HYRC1, IMD26, XRCC7, p350600899
    ID: 7153
    topoisomerase (DNA) II alpha [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (40388521..40417950, complement)TOP2, TP2A126430
    ID: 302
    annexin A2 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (60347151..60398025, complement)ANX2, ANX2L4, CAL1H, HEL-S-270, LIP2, LPC2, LPC2D, P36, PAP-IV151740
    ID: 545
    ATR serine/threonine kinase [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 3, NC_000003.12 (142449235..142578826, complement)FCTCS, FRP1, MEC1, SCKL, SCKL1601215
    ID: 5478
    peptidylprolyl isomerase A [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 7, NC_000007.14 (44796636..44803123)CYPA, CYPH, HEL-S-69p123840
    ID: 3329
    heat shock protein family D (Hsp60) member 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 2, NC_000002.12 (197486584..197500274, complement)CPN60, GROEL, HLD4, HSP-60, HSP60, HSP65, HuCHA60, SPG13118190
    ID: 7150
    topoisomerase (DNA) I [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 20, NC_000020.11 (41028822..41124487)TOPI126420
    ID: 3312
    heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 8 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (123057492..123062366, complement)HEL-33, HEL-S-72p, HSC54, HSC70, HSC71, HSP71, HSP73, HSPA10, LAP-1, LAP1, NIP71600816
    ID: 60
    actin beta [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 7, NC_000007.14 (5527148..5530601, complement)BRWS1, PS1TP5BP1102630
    ID: 2547
    X-ray repair cross complementing 6 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 22, NC_000022.11 (41621163..41664048)CTC75, CTCBF, G22P1, KU70, ML8, TLAA152690
    ID: 641
    Bloom syndrome RecQ like helicase [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (90717327..90815462)BS, RECQ2, RECQL2, RECQL3604610
    ID: 3838
    karyopherin subunit alpha 2 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (68035602..68046859)IPOA1, QIP2, RCH1, SRP1-alpha, SRP1alpha600685
    ID: 5245
    prohibitin [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (49404048..49414905, complement)HEL-215, HEL-S-54e1, PHB176705
    ID: 3178
    heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 12, NC_000012.12 (54280690..54287088)ALS19, ALS20, HNRPA1, HNRPA1L3, IBMPFD3, UP 1, hnRNP A1, hnRNP-A1164017
    ID: 6426
    serine and arginine rich splicing factor 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (58000919..58007346, complement)ASF, SF2, SF2p33, SFRS1, SRp30a600812
    ID: 3190
    heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein K [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (83968083..83980782, complement)AUKS, CSBP, HNRPK, TUNP600712
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