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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliasesMIM
    ID: 107987598
    uncharacterized LOC107987598 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987597
    uncharacterized LOC107987597 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987596
    uncharacterized LOC107987596 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987595
    uncharacterized LOC107987595 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987594
    uncharacterized LOC107987594 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987593
    uncharacterized LOC107987593 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987592
    uncharacterized LOC107987592 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987591
    uncharacterized LOC107987591 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987590
    uncharacterized LOC107987590 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987589
    formin-2-like [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987588
    uncharacterized LOC107987588 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987587
    phosphoglucomutase-like protein 5 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987586
    uncharacterized LOC107987586 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987585
    uncharacterized LOC107987585 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987584
    formin-2-like [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987583
    formin-2-like [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987582
    uncharacterized protein FLJ76381-like [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987581
    uncharacterized LOC107987581 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987580
    uncharacterized LOC107987580 [Homo sapiens (human)]
    ID: 107987579
    uncharacterized LOC107987579 [Homo sapiens (human)]
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