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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliasesMIM
    ID: 102466740
    microRNA 6808 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (1339650..1339708, complement)hsa-mir-6808
    ID: 101928143
    uncharacterized LOC101928143 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 14, NC_000014.9 (73460935..73463642, complement)
    ID: 388585
    hes family bHLH transcription factor 5 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (2528745..2530554, complement)bHLHb38607348
    ID: 196403
    deltex E3 ubiquitin ligase 3 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 12, NC_000012.12 (57604327..57609804)RNF154, deltex3613142
    ID: 171558
    pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 6, NC_000006.12 (42915989..42925838)PT-ALPHA, PTA606817
    ID: 151636
    deltex E3 ubiquitin ligase 3L [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 3, NC_000003.12 (122564338..122575203)BBAP613143
    ID: 113878
    deltex E3 ubiquitin ligase 2 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 7, NC_000007.14 (76461655..76505995)RNF58613141
    ID: 83464
    aph-1 homolog B, gamma-secretase subunit [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (63277519..63309126)APH-1B, PRO1328, PSFL, TAAV688607630
    ID: 55534
    mastermind like transcriptional coactivator 3 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 4, NC_000004.12 (139716391..140154079, complement)CAGH3, ERDA3, GDN, MAM-2, MAM2, TNRC3608991
    ID: 54567
    delta like canonical Notch ligand 4 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (40929333..40939060)AOS6, hdelta2605185
    ID: 51763
    inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase K [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (1494575..1516888, complement)PPS, SKIP607875
    ID: 51107
    aph-1 homolog A, gamma-secretase subunit [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (150265399..150282291, complement)6530402N02Rik, APH-1, APH-1A, CGI-78607629
    ID: 28514
    delta like canonical Notch ligand 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 6, NC_000006.12 (170282200..170291075, complement)DELTA1, DL1, Delta606582
    ID: 23385
    nicastrin [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (160343056..160358952)ATAG1874605254
    ID: 23220
    deltex E3 ubiquitin ligase 4 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (59171430..59208587)RNF155616110
    ID: 11317
    recombination signal binding protein for immunoglobulin kappa J region like [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 20, NC_000020.11 (45306836..45319677)RBPL, RBPSUHL, SUHL616104
    ID: 10683
    delta like canonical Notch ligand 3 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 19, NC_000019.10 (39498917..39508481)SCDO1602768
    ID: 9794
    mastermind like transcriptional coactivator 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 5, NC_000005.10 (179732850..179777286)Mam-1, Mam1605424
    ID: 9612
    nuclear receptor corepressor 2 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 12, NC_000012.12 (124324411..124567464, complement)CTG26, N-CoR2, SMAP270, SMRT, SMRTE, SMRTE-tau, TNRC14, TRAC, TRAC-1, TRAC1600848
    ID: 9253
    NUMB like, endocytic adaptor protein [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 19, NC_000019.10 (40665905..40690658, complement)CAG3A, CTG3a, NBL, NUMB-RIKE, NUMBR, TNRC23, NUMBL604018
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