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Ovis aries

Sheep (Ovis aries) is a species of even-toed ungulate in the family Bovidae.

Taxonomy ID: 9940

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 493887
prion protein [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 13, NC_056066.1 (46638372..46658949)PRPC, Prp, SIP, prion
ID: 443449
myostatin [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 2, NC_056055.1 (119285858..119292614)GDF-8, GDF8
ID: 443454
bone morphogenetic protein receptor type 1B [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 6, NC_056059.1 (30030664..30482585, complement)ALK6, BMPR-IB, FecB
ID: 443077
nitric oxide synthase 3 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 4, NC_056057.1 (115195027..115213993)23B, EC-NOS, NOSIII, cNOS, eNOS
ID: 100141303
bone morphogenetic protein 15 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome X, NC_056080.1 (54283635..54290315, complement)BMP-15, GDF-9B, GDF9B
ID: 443228
estrogen receptor 1 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 8, NC_056061.1 (76488930..76891775)ER, ESR, ESRA, NR3A1
ID: 100217402
growth differentiation factor 9 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 5, NC_056058.1 (42113878..42116604, complement)GDF-9
ID: 443534
leptin [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 4, NC_056057.1 (94149045..94165288)leptine, ob
ID: 443317
prolactin [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 20, NC_056073.1 (34600253..34608742, complement)
ID: 101107719
KiSS-1 metastasis suppressor [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 12, NC_056065.1 (1804552..1810568, complement)
ID: 443022
melatonin receptor 1A [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 26, NC_056079.1 (15570691..15593897, complement)MEL1A, MT1
ID: 443318
insulin like growth factor 1 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 3, NC_056056.1 (171766875..171847317, complement)IGF-1, IGF-I
ID: 443212
proopiomelanocortin [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 3, NC_056056.1 (32602210..32609560, complement)
ID: 443329
growth hormone [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 11, NC_056064.1 (47848950..47850744, complement)GH1
ID: 443551
prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 1 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 3, NC_056056.1 (13515914..13540536, complement)COX-1, COX1, PGHS-1
ID: 101111690
gonadotropin releasing hormone 1 [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 2, NC_056055.1 (40213935..40216894)GNRH, LHRH
ID: 443103
vascular endothelial growth factor A [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 20, NC_056073.1 (17279780..17295199)VEGF
ID: 443364
calpastatin [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 5, NC_056058.1 (93695915..93785491)
ID: 443299
follicle stimulating hormone receptor [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 3, NC_056056.1 (75364065..75557720)FSHRE
ID: 443395
luteinizing hormone beta polypeptide [Ovis aries (sheep)]Chromosome 14, NC_056067.1 (55315064..55316133, complement)
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