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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 13906554
dihydrofolate reductase [Escherichia coli]NC_019082.1 (4613..5110)D616_p72001
ID: 7872753
chaperonin GroEL [Escherichia coli]NC_012692.1 (118600..120237)pAR060302_0142
ID: 2716540
hypothetical protein [Escherichia coli]NC_005327.1 (24050..24910)pC15-1a_020
ID: 3654480
hemolysin A [Escherichia coli]NC_007365.1 (114136..117132, complement)LH0144
ID: 7701379
hemolysin transport protein [Escherichia coli]NC_012487.1 (12583..15579)p026VIR_p015
ID: 8319307
CTX-M-15 [Escherichia coli]NC_013122.1 (62953..63888, complement)pEK499_p079
ID: 1446621
REcoRV [Escherichia coli]NC_005019.1 (4293..5030, complement)pLG13_06
ID: 1446514
oriT nicking and unwinding [Escherichia coli]NC_004998.1 (28659..33929)p165897_039
ID: 13905950
H-NS [Escherichia coli]NC_019067.1 (19002..19394, complement)E001_20
ID: 14401263
restriction endonuclease EcoRV [Escherichia coli]NC_019982.1 (4292..5029, complement)D616_p95005
ID: 2716518
single-stranded DNA-binding protein [Escherichia coli]NC_005327.1 (40334..40900)pC15-1a_037
ID: 13876916
chaperonin GroES [Escherichia coli]NC_018994.1 (136953..137243, complement)NDM1Dok01_N0170
ID: 17688571
beta lactamase CMY-2 [Escherichia coli]NC_022885.1 (40122..41267, complement)KPCE_053
ID: 15152835
extended spectrum CTX-M-14 beta-lactamase [Escherichia coli]NC_020086.1 (76870..77745, complement)D616_p98106
ID: 2693967
colicin E1 protein (cea) [Escherichia coli]NC_001371.1 (5140..6646); NC_001371.1 (1..62)pColE1_25
ID: 7701554
plasmid segregation protein ParM [Escherichia coli]NC_012487.1 (161694..162653)p026VIR_p188
ID: 39535270
cleavage protein [Escherichia coli]EL381_RS27995, E2863_05457
ID: 39541054
heat-stable enterotoxin ST-I group b [Escherichia coli]CXW53_RS25480
ID: 39537626
heat-stable enterotoxin ST-I group b [Escherichia coli]CXX15_RS25290
ID: 39537326
heat-stable enterotoxin ST-I group b [Escherichia coli]CXX37_RS24505
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