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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 944568
capsid protein;pre-capsid protein [Hepatitis B virus]NC_003977.2 (1816..2454)HBVgp4
ID: 1489773
C protein [Murine respirovirus]NC_001552.1 (1854..2468)SeVgp4
ID: 44802
curved [Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)]C
ID: 935261
C protein [Human respirovirus 1]NC_003461.1 (1854..2468)Hpv1gp04
ID: 1489774
C' protein [Murine respirovirus]NC_001552.1 (1821..2468)SeVgp2
ID: 37616268
C protein [Simian Agent 10]NC_038270.1 (1794..2393)D1O99_gp4
ID: 935259
C' protein [Human respirovirus 1]NC_003461.1 (1809..2468)Hpv1gp03
ID: 65100040
C protein [Pohorje myodes paramyxovirus 1]NC_055168.1 (1957..2412)KM512_gp3
ID: 40527140
C protein [Mount Mabu Lophuromys virus 2]NC_043540.1 (1897..2346)FLA76_gp3
ID: 40527131
C protein [Mount Mabu Lophuromys virus 1]NC_043539.1 (1975..2442)FLA75_gp3
ID: 3119769
hypothetical protein [Peste-des-petits-ruminants virus]NC_006383.2 (1829..2362)PPRVgp4
ID: 1261194
hypothetical protein [Escherichia phage phiK]NC_001730.1 (2269..2475)phiKp04
ID: 6654090
helix-turn-helix domain-containing protein [Rhizobium phage 16-3]NC_011103.1 (35673..36464, complement)RM163_067
ID: 1260693
DNA maturation protein [Enterobacteria phage alpha3]NC_001330.1 (2270..2476)alpha3p04
ID: 3959788
gpC [Enterobacteria phage ID18 sensu lato]NC_007856.1 (1726..1995)CIV18_gp05
ID: 3959443
gpC [Escherichia phage NC29]NC_007827.1 (2273..2479)CNV29_gp04
ID: 3959422
gpC [Escherichia phage ID52]NC_007825.1 (1720..1983)CIV52_gp05
ID: 3959410
gpC [Escherichia phage ID62]NC_007824.1 (2271..2477)CIV62_gp04
ID: 3959396
gpC [Escherichia phage NC28]NC_007823.1 (2270..2476)CNV-28p04
ID: 3959390
gpC [Escherichia phage WA45]NC_007822.1 (2270..2476)CWV45_gp04
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