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ENT638_RS19375 30S ribosomal protein S12 [ Enterobacter sp. 638 ]

Gene ID: 32444591, updated on 23-Feb-2018


Gene symbol
Gene description
30S ribosomal protein S12
Locus tag
Gene type
protein coding
Enterobacter sp. 638 (strain: 638)
Bacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Enterobacterales; Enterobacteriaceae; Enterobacter
Old locus tag

Genomic context

NC_009436.1 (4059220..4059594, complement)

NC_009436.1Genomic Context describing neighboring genes Neighboring gene elongation factor G Neighboring gene 30S ribosomal protein S7 Neighboring gene sulfurtransferase TusB Neighboring gene sulfurtransferase TusC Neighboring gene sulfurtransferase TusD


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NCBI Reference Sequences (RefSeq)

Genome Annotation

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Reference assembly


  1. NC_009436.1 Reference assembly

    4059220..4059594 complement
    GenBank, FASTA, Sequence Viewer (Graphics)

mRNA and Protein(s)

  1. WP_000246815.1 Peptide Sequence

    See identical proteins and their annotated locations for WP_000246815.1

    A1AGM9, A4WFD5, A7ZSL7, A8A5E9, B1IPV7, B1LHE2, B2U2U9, B4SUU8, B4TKM3, B4TXF0, B5BGZ4, B5F8G0, B5FJM2, B5R299, B5RH07, B5YTP9, B6I242, B7L4L7, B7LS48, B7M1P3, B7MCV7, B7N1C3, B7NDV0, B7NLP7, B7UK52, C0Q0C4, P0A7S3, P0A7S4, P0A7S5, P0A7S6, P0A7S7, P0A7S8, Q0SZX5, Q1R5U1, Q31VU7, Q32B24, Q3YWT0, Q57J24, Q5PIW1
    A0A017I5G3, A0A023Z3Y4, A0A024KQY4, A0A025CQ06, A0A026V6B6, A0A027U0U3, A0A028AP81, A0A028E8U2, A0A029HGJ4, A0A029IJF5, A0A062Y6Q6, A0A064TB82, A0A066P363, A0A069XM77, A0A070FEQ1, A0A070SQ74, A0A070UXA9, A0A073G1P1, A0A073H4E0, A0A073V7M9, A0A074HRB3, A0A078LM41, A0A080FSR0, A0A080IPA1, A0A083ZGG1, A0A085A402, A0A085I5C9, A0A089GDI6, A0A090NIB1, A0A090V7P0, A0A094YIG7, A0A097V2E8, A0A0A0FKB2, A0A0A8UEV3, A0A0E0U484, A0A0E0XWU7, A0A0E1JF29, A0A0E1M2D4, A0A0E1STZ7, A0A0E2KZW2, A0A0E2M4X3, A0A0E2U435, A0A0F0YCS4, A0A0F1AUC4, A0A0F4BN02, A0A0F5BAF7, A0A0F6B7P5, A0A0F6C9T5, A0A0F6FD37, A0A0F6RGV6, A0A0F6SAS3, A0A0F7JAK8, A0A0G2NTR0, A0A0G3KAW1, A0A0G3QG44, A0A0H3EMK4, A0A0H3FN70, A0A0H3NSV2, A0A0H3PXX8, A0A0H9B1K3, A0A0J0W5V7, A0A0J1YC34, A0A0J6Q873, A0A0K0HEP7, A0A0K9TE94, A0A0L0GXV3, A0A0L3J8J6, A0A0M0QM87, A0A0M2BWA6, A0A0M2G5R4, A0A0M3E128, A0A0P8SSG2, A0A0R9MFV8, A0A0S3NQE6, A0A0T9VW02, A0A0U0WK90, A0A0U4GC66, A0A0V2DDL0, A0A0V2EGS5, A0A0V9DYC6, A0A0V9J7G1, A0A0W2IA73, A0A0W2W1W9, A0A0W3CQ17, A0A0X4EQ89, A0A0X6YZY8, A0A125WXJ7, A0A127GQA5, A0A140N4H3, A0A142H7J7, A0A162AMM1, A0A162D1A0, A0A162TWR2, A0A170PWY4, A0A175S7X5, A0A198H1J3, A0A1B7K787, A0A1C2ZSA1, A0A1C4GML6, A0A1E2VN81, A0A1E3MXP0, A0A1E5MPJ9, A0A1F2K2Q2, A0A1I0YWG2, A0A1I1ZMX6, A0A1J5WGB2, A0A1J6Z2R9, A0A1K1ZGV5, A0A1M3XSR9, A0A1M5WR27, A0A1Q8MFJ6, A0A1Q8NN15, A0A1Q9IM94, A0A1R3BPX4, A0A1S0ZPK7, A0A1S1AHU6, A0A1S6THH6, A0A1T5H120, A0A1U6HZ88, A0A1V0L847, A0A1V3W9D7, A0A1V6M918, A0A1W2MD09, A0A1X2TC52, A0A1X2TQU4, A0A1X2UYG4, A0A1X2Y5I3, A0A1X3IFC8, A0A1X3JPJ6, A0A1X3LCK2, A0A1X3LPV1, A0A1X3M641, A0A1Z3UYU3, A0A221YQX0, A0A221Z7Z3, A0A223JL77, A0A229HY62, A0A232RBH0, A0A241R838, A0A241RV23, A0A241S859, A0A246L882, A0A248K4L2, A0A248T4D9, A0A265BAE6, A0A267SJP3, A0A271CGG1, A0A271CWP1, A0A271GK44, A0A2A7PM28, A0A2C6G321, A0A2C9NUL2, A0A2D0P3N9, A0A2D1X991, A0A2D1XLQ4, A0A2G1NLQ5, A0A2H1BBV5, B1EQL6, C3SQR7, C8TXV8, C8UHH5, C9Y231, D2A917, D2TMF8, D2ZIJ8, D3GZG0, D3QTG8, D7X5Z8, D7XWI5, D7Y691, D7ZAN0, D8A1G0, D8E8C9, E0J033, E1J1N9, E3GBV5, E3PLF0, E3XT24, E6BI91, E7SR83, E7T522, E7TGF2, E8XDZ3, E9TFI7, E9XTH4, E9YV71, F3VBJ6, F3WNN6, F5NAB8, F5S2R8, G0F5W1, G2S2B8, G4C7A9, G9Z0U5, H4IH06, H4IXY7, H4JDP5, H4LI38, H4UQ48, I0VVU2, I2B4F6, I2RGB8, I2RSA5, I2SW79, I2UHF1, I2WEN4, I2WYT3, I2X6I0, I4T7J1, I6B880, I6D0S0, I6DNH9, I6FK67, J7R6N3, K0X152, K4VEL5, K4XKK1, K8AKZ5, K8BC54, K8CH18, K8DDN2, L0M182, L2VFU5, L2VLD0, L2X8S2, L3C3P4, L3NWM9, L3PXR3, L3QAX1, L4IYT8, L4V1L2, M7RYK3, M9H1M8, R8XCN4, S0TT77, S0VP18, S0X6A1, S0X6A5, S0YDB1, S1BXU2, S1CKS2, S1ELG7, S1GBC5, S1GW16, S1I642, S1IMX1, S1LUC7, S1NWC8, S4IIE5, S5HLB2, S5NKA0, T5U9K2, T5ZZP5, T6H4X7, T6LG35, T8JEV0, T9A4A4, T9DGN1, T9SGF2, U9XPT1, U9Y4V0, U9YG20, U9ZQ62, U9ZTW1, V0SH91, V0US94, V0X821, V0YLM5, V1H311, V2RTL9, V2SRF6, V3DZZ1, V3P7K8, V6FZ95, V7INE7, V7V0C7, V8FJZ2, W0BKM8, W7NNC5, X2KB27
    Conserved Domains (1) summary
    rpsL; 30S ribosomal protein S12; Validated
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