SARS-CoV-2 (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) Sequences

The tables below list the SARS-CoV-2 sequences currently available in GenBank and the Sequence Read Archive (SRA).

The sequence lists were last updated Friday Feb 21 14:20 2020 EST, and are updated as additional sequences are released. The table content is available for download.

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Nucleotide Sequences

You can view and download these 92 GenBank sequences and 1 RefSeq sequence in Entrez Nucleotide and the new NCBI Virus resource.

BLAST against Betacoronavirus sequences

GenBank RefSeq Gene Region Collection Date Locality
MN908947 NC_045512 complete Dec-2019 China
MN970003 RdRP 08-Jan-2020 Thailand
MN970004 RdRP 13-Jan-2020 Thailand
MN938384 complete 10-Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN938385 RdRP Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN938386 RdRP Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN938387 S Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN938388 S Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN938389 S Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN938390 S Jan-2020 China: Shenzhen
MN975262 complete 11-Jan-2020 China
MN975263 RdRP Jan-2020 China
MN975264 RdRP Jan-2020 China
MN975265 RdRP Jan-2020 China
MN975266 S Jan-2020 China
MN975267 S Jan-2020 China
MN975268 S Jan-2020 China
MN985325 complete 19-Jan-2020 USA: WA
MN988713 complete 21-Jan-2020 USA: IL
MN994467 complete 23-Jan-2020 USA: CA
MN994468 complete 22-Jan-2020 USA: CA
MN997409 complete 22-Jan-2020 USA: AZ
MN988668 complete 02-Jan-2020 China
MN988669 complete 02-Jan-2020 China
MN996527 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MN996528 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MN996529 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MN996530 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MN996531 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MT007544 complete 25-Jan-2020 Australia: Victoria
MT008022 M Jan-2020 Italy: Rome
MT008023 M Jan-2020 Italy: Rome
LR757995 complete 05-Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
LR757996 complete 01-Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
LR757997 complete, gapped 31-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
LR757998 complete 26-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MT019529 complete 23-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MT019530 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MT019531 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MT019532 complete 30-Dec-2019 China: Wuhan
MT019533 complete 01-Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT020781 complete, gapped 29-Jan-2020 Finland
MT020880 complete 25-Jan-2020 USA: WA
MT020881 complete 25-Jan-2020 USA: WA
MT027062 complete 29-Jan-2020 USA: CA
MT027063 complete 29-Jan-2020 USA: CA
MT027064 complete 29-Jan-2020 USA: CA
LC522350 RdRP 26-Jan-2020 Philippines
MT039873 complete 20-Jan-2020 China: Hangzhou
MT039887 complete 31-Jan-2020 USA: WI
MT039888 complete 29-Jan-2020 USA: MA
MT039890 complete Jan-2020 South Korea
LC522972 complete Jan-2020 Japan
LC522973 complete Jan-2020 Japan
LC522974 complete Jan-2020 Japan
LC522975 complete Jan-2020 Japan
MT042773 RdRp Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT042774 RdRp Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT042775 RdRp Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT042776 RdRp Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT042777 RdRp Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT042778 RdRp Jan-2020 China: Wuhan
MT044257 complete 28-Jan-2020 USA: IL
MT044258 complete 27-Jan-2020 USA: CA
MT050414 RdRP Jan-2020 Australia: QLD
MT050415 RdRP Jan-2020 Australia: QLD
MT050416 RdRP Jan-2020 Australia: QLD
MT050417 RdRP Jan-2020 Australia: QLD
MT049951 complete 17-Jan-2020 China: Yunnan
LC523807 N 06-Jan-2020 Philippines
LC523808 N 26-Jan-2020 Philippines
LC523809 N 23-Jan-2020 Philippines
MT066157 RdRp 24-Jan-2020 Malaysia
MT066158 RdRp 24-Jan-2020 Malaysia
MT066159 RdRp 24-Jan-2020 Malaysia
MT066175 complete 31-Jan-2020 Taiwan
MT066176 complete 05-Feb-2020 Taiwan
MT072667 nsp1-nsp2 03-Feb-2020 Belgium
MT072668 RdRp 03-Feb-2020 Belgium
MT072688 complete 13-Jan-2020 Nepal
MT081059 N 22-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081060 N 23-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081061 N 23-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081062 N 25-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081063 N 26-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081064 N 28-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081065 N 30-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081066 N 30-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081067 N 31-Jan-2020 China: HuaShang
MT081068 N 06-Feb-2020 China: HuaShang
MT093571 complete 07-Feb-2020 Sweden
MT093631 complete 08-Jan-2020 China

SRA Sequences

View and download next-generation sequencing runs from SRA.

SRA Run BioProject BioSample
SRR10903401 PRJNA601736 SAMN13872787
SRR10903402 PRJNA601736 SAMN13872786
SRR10902284 PRJNA601630 SAMN13871323
SRR10948474 PRJNA601630 SAMN13898864
SRR10948550 PRJNA601630 SAMN13871323
SRR10971381 PRJNA603194 SAMN13922059
SRR11092058 PRJNA605983 SAMN14082196
SRR11092057 PRJNA605983 SAMN14082197
SRR11092056 PRJNA605983 SAMN14082199
SRR11092064 PRJNA605983 SAMN14082200
SRR11085797 PRJNA606165 SAMN14082201
SRR11085737 PRJNA606159 SAMN14086234
SRR11085740 PRJNA606159 SAMN14086234
SRR11085733 PRJNA606159 SAMN14086238
SRR11085736 PRJNA606159 SAMN14086235
SRR11085738 PRJNA606159 SAMN14086233
SRR11085741 PRJNA606159 SAMN14086230

Reference Genome

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