Discovery Workshop: Sequences, Genomes, and Maps

The NCBI Discovery Workshops comprise four workshops that will teach you how to use the NCBI Web resources more effectively. The Sequences, Genomes, and Maps workshop is described below.

Sequences, Genomes, and Maps (course materials) focuses on the scope and content of the sequence databases and uses these as exemplar Entrez molecular databases. You will see the importance of derivative data such as NCBI Reference Sequences (RefSeqs) and sequence-related Entrez information hubs such as Taxonomy, HomoloGene and Gene. You will also learn to use all aspects of the Entrez interface to collect and download a specific set of records, to narrow the search, and to use the precomputed relationships available in the Entrez system to find related sequences, genomic regions, genomic maps, homologous genes and proteins, pathways and expression information.

For more information and to register for an upcoming session, visit the NCBI Discovery Workshops homepage.

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