Discovery Workshop: NCBI BLAST Services

The NCBI Discovery Workshops comprise four workshops that will teach you how to use the NCBI Web resources more effectively. The NCBI BLAST workshop is described below.

NCBI BLAST Services (course materials) highlights new features and demonstrates the practical aspects of working with NCBI BLAST, the most popular sequence similarity service in the world. You will learn to use the features of the updated service including direct access from the Entrez sequence databases; the integration and expansion of Align-2-Sequences; organism limits and other filters; re-organized databases on the submission forms; formatting options (CDS, sorting by position, taxonomy reports) and downloading options on results; and TreeView analysis of results. You will also learn how to use Primer-BLAST, an oligonucleotide primer designer and specificity checker, and a multiple protein sequence alignment tool (COBALT).

For more information and to register for an upcoming session, visit the NCBI Discovery Workshops homepage.

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