Discovery Workshop: Human Variation and Disease Genes

The NCBI Discovery Workshops comprise four workshops that will teach you how to use the NCBI Web resources more effectively. The Human Variation and Disease Genes workshop is described below.

Human Variation and Disease Genes (course materials) focuses on resources associated with human sequence variations and phenotypes and emphasizes the central role of the Gene database as the best way to access these data. You will start with the mouse fig4 gene homolog and the human APOE gene as examples to navigate across the integrated databases to find phenotypes, literature, sequences (genome, mRNA and protein), and variations. You will learn how to map those variations onto genes, transcripts, proteins, and genomic regions. You will also gain experience using additional tools and viewers associated with Entrez. These include the Graphical Sequence Viewer, the Map Viewer, the Variation Viewer, Gene View in dbSNP, and the 1000 Genomes Browser.

For more information and to register for an upcoming session, visit the NCBI Discovery Workshops homepage.

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