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    Number of Variants: 20

    Variant Region IDTypeNumber of Variant CallsStudy IDOrganismClinical AssertionLocationGenes in region
    nsv2770252copy number variation2nstd37humanPathogenic GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 230,616-134,938,470 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 230,616-135,068,576 , NCBI36 (hg18) chr11: 220,616-134,443,680 TRF-GAA2-1, ANO1-AS2, 1541 more genes
    esv3864178mobile element insertion18estd219human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,366,615-58,366,615 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,599,142-58,599,142 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv2748525copy number variation1nstd130human NCBI36 (hg18) chr11: 57,682,553-58,114,123 , GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 57,925,977-58,357,547 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,158,505-58,590,074 OR9Q1, OR9Q2, 12 more genes
    nsv1587697short tandem repeat3nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,380,193-58,380,204 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,612,720-58,612,731 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1587696short tandem repeat2nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,373,036-58,373,046 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,605,563-58,605,573 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1587695short tandem repeat4nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,364,152-58,364,175 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,596,679-58,596,702 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1587694short tandem repeat1nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,356,909-58,356,925 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,589,436-58,589,452 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586151short tandem repeat3nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,386,050-58,386,061 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,618,577-58,618,588 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586150short tandem repeat9nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,384,544-58,384,572 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,617,071-58,617,099 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586148short tandem repeat2nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,381,664-58,381,675 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,614,191-58,614,202 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586147short tandem repeat1nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,378,427-58,378,449 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,610,954-58,610,976 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586146short tandem repeat12nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,366,223-58,366,260 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,598,750-58,598,787 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586144short tandem repeat5nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,364,176-58,364,189 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,596,703-58,596,716 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1586143short tandem repeat3nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,353,467-58,353,479 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,585,994-58,586,006 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1585838short tandem repeat2nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,381,180-58,381,194 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,613,707-58,613,721 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1585837short tandem repeat1nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,376,070-58,376,095 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,608,597-58,608,622 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1585836short tandem repeat3nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,369,083-58,369,095 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,601,610-58,601,622 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1585835short tandem repeat7nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,363,046-58,363,062 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,595,573-58,595,589 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1584521short tandem repeat3nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,386,957-58,386,968 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,619,484-58,619,495 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
    nsv1584520short tandem repeat2nstd128human GRCh37 (hg19) chr11: 58,379,664-58,379,681 , GRCh38 (hg38) chr11: 58,612,191-58,612,208 ZFP91-CNTF, ZFP91
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