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  • Variant Calls:1
  • Validation:Not tested
  • Clinical Assertions: No
  • Region Size:125

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Source: NCBI

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Submitted genomic29,890-30,014Question Mark

Variant Region Placement Information

Variant Region IDPlacement TypeAssemblyAssembly UnitSequence IDChrStartStop
nsv5670120Submitted genomicGRCh38 (hg38)Primary AssemblyKI270740.1ChrY|KI270

Variant Call Information

Variant Call IDTypeSample IDMethodAnalysisOther Calls in this Sample and Study
nssv17171352deletionSAMN00006579SequencingSequence alignment23,265

Variant Call Placement Information

Variant Call IDPlacement TypeAssemblySequence IDChrStartStop
nssv17171352Submitted genomicGRCh38 (hg38)KI270740.1ChrY|KI270

No validation data were submitted for this variant

No clinical assertion data were submitted for this variant

Genotype and/or allele frequency data can be found on dbVar's FTP site.

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