• Variant Calls:1
  • Validation:Not tested
  • Clinical Assertions: No
  • Region Size:161,249

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Source: NCBI

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Submitted genomic46,875,173-47,036,421Question Mark

Variant Region Placement Information

Variant Region IDPlacement TypeAssemblySequence IDChrInner StartInner Stop
esv2422514Submitted genomicNCBI35 (hg17)NC_000010.8Chr1046,875,17347,036,421

Variant Call Information

Variant Call IDTypeSample IDMethodAnalysisOther Calls in this Sample and Study
essv5161277duplicationND03834SNP arraySNP genotyping analysisessv5161525, essv5161467, essv5161231

Variant Call Placement Information

Variant Call IDPlacement TypeHGVSAssemblySequence IDChrInner StartInner Stop
essv5161277Submitted genomicNC_000010.8:g.(?_4
NCBI35 (hg17)NC_000010.8Chr1046,875,17347,036,421

No validation data were submitted for this variant

No clinical assertion data were submitted for this variant

No genotype data were submitted for this variant

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