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 dbSTS will no longer accept submissions after October 1, 2013.


Submitting STS sequences

As of October 1, 2013 GenBank will discontinue the specialized dbSTS pipeline. 

If you have experimentally determined the sequence by direct sequencing, please submit your sequence to the main GenBank database using one of the submission tools Bankit or Sequin.  Please see for more information on how to prepare your submission.  If you choose to submit using sequin and your dbSTS markers are microsatellites, we would encourage you to use the microsatellite wizard.


If you have determined primer sequences based on a downloaded sequence from a database and you did not experimentally determine the sequence yourself, please submit the designed primers to the Probe database.  For more information on submitting to the Probe database, please see


If you did both experimentally determine the sequence and create primers, you can submit the amplicon to GenBank and the primers to the Probe database.  Please reference the corresponding GenBank Accession Numbers with your probe submission.


Updating your dbSTS data

If you have previously submitted to dbSTS via the specialized submission pipeline, you can still update your existing dbSTS submissions.

Send an email to with the accession numbers to be updated and a general description of the change and a curator will contact you with instructions on how to submit your update.

Questions and Comments

If you have questions about dbSTS, please contact

Rev. September 13,2013

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