NIH Comparative Genomics Resource (CGR)

Maximizing the impact of eukaryotic research organisms

Unlock the full potential of eukaryotic research organisms and their genomic data with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Comparative Genomics Resource (CGR). CGR facilitates this through community collaboration and an NCBI Toolkit of interconnected and interoperable data and tools.

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About CGR

Learn how NIH is creating new opportunities for comparative genomics research and amplifying community resources.

CGR Impact

Community collaboration is critical to CGR’s success. Read about how CGR is impacting eukaryotic research, including news, tutorials, and other resources to help you use the NCBI Toolkit and engage with CGR.

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NCBI Toolkit

Data resources

Browse and download sequence and metadata for genomes, genes, proteins and transcripts across eukaryotic organisms.

Analysis tools

Explore and analyze biological sequences and data.

Data quality tools

Improve your assembled genomes prior to submission.