Clone DB Cell-Based Library Browser FAQs

This page will be periodically updated to include frequently asked questions (FAQs).

1. What is a cell-based library?

Cell-based libraries are collections of cell or tissue lines (such as ES cells or plant calli), or the organisms derived from them, that carry genetic modifications. Most commonly, these represent collections of gene trapped or gene targeting clones. In Clone DB, clones belonging to a given library all share the following set of attributes: parental cell line, parental cell line strain/cultivar, vector, allele type and creator.

2. What cell-based libraries are represented in Clone DB?

Clone DB currently only contains data for mouse cell-based libraries. These include both gene traps (from IGTC, Lexicon Genetics and TIGM) and targeted alleles (IKMC) that have records in Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI). In the future, clone-based libraries generated in other organisms may also be represented in Clone DB.

3. Where does the data in this browser come from?

Browser data for mouse cell-based libraries and clones is obtained from Mouse Genome Informatics (MGI). Updates are provided to Clone DB on a weekly basis.

4. How can I find a specific cell-based library?

Filters are provided on the right hand side of the library browser page to help you navigate to a particular library.

5. Where can I find additional information for one the libraries included in this browser?

Additional library information is provided in library-specific record pages, which can be accessed by clicking on any of the library names found in the “Library Name” column of the browser.

6. Where can I find information for specific clones belonging to libraries listed in this browser?

Records for individual clones, which contain sequence, gene, distributor and other associated information, can be accessed via Entrez searches of Clone DB. Clone DB can be searched by library/clone name, abbreviation or alias, as well as by many other terms. For a complete list of terms by which Clone DB can be searched, please see the Help page. Please note that searches for libraries will also return the records for all clones associated with that library. Because the data for mouse cell-based clones is provided by MGI, you can also query the MGI database with the library name.

7. Where can I find distributor information for the cell-based libraries in this browser?

Distributor information for individual cell-based clones is available as part of the individual clone record pages. Because the data for mouse cell-based is provided by MGI, you can also query the MGI database with the library name to look for distributor information. Clone DB does not provide distributor information in the library browser or on library specific pages because the distribution of clones from cell-based libraries is not always uniform (there may be multiple distributors for a given library, each which carries only a subset of clones, or the clones may be provided in different forms (e.g. ES cells or mouse line) by different distributors).

8. How do I register a cell-based library with Clone DB?

Please contact Clone DB to register a library.

9. Where can I find library information for the MICER gene targeting libraries?

Please visit the Clone DB genomic library browser to find the MICER gene targeting libraries. Clone DB has these classified as genomic libraries because the MICER clones are not maintained as cell or tissue libraries, but as a collection of bacterial cell clones.

10. Where can I find information for genomic libraries?

Clone DB maintains a separate browser for genomic libraries.

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