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NM_000492.4(CFTR):c.1054C>T (p.Arg352Trp)

Conflicting interpretations of pathogenicity​

Likely benign(1);Likely pathogenic(1);Uncertain significance(5)

Review status:
criteria provided, conflicting interpretations
7 (Most recent: Sep 1, 2021)
Last evaluated:
Jul 22, 2021
Variation ID:
single nucleotide variant

NM_000492.4(CFTR):c.1054C>T (p.Arg352Trp)

Allele ID
Variant type
single nucleotide variant
Variant length
1 bp
Cytogenetic location
Genomic location
7: 117540284 (GRCh38) GRCh38 UCSC
7: 117180338 (GRCh37) GRCh37 UCSC
Nucleotide Protein Molecular
LRG_663t1:c.1054C>T LRG_663p1:p.Arg352Trp
... more HGVS
Protein change
Other names
Canonical SPDI
Functional consequence
Global minor allele frequency (GMAF)
0.00020 (T)

Allele frequency
The Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) 0.00010
The Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD) 0.00007
Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) 0.00021
Trans-Omics for Precision Medicine (TOPMed) 0.00018
1000 Genomes Project 0.00020
The Genome Aggregation Database (gnomAD), exomes 0.00041
Exome Aggregation Consortium (ExAC) 0.00047
ClinGen: CA325686
dbSNP: rs193922497

Aggregate interpretations per condition

Interpreted condition Interpretation Number of submissions Review status Last evaluated Variation/condition record
Uncertain significance 2 criteria provided, multiple submitters, no conflicts Oct 31, 2019 RCV000727191.4
Conflicting interpretations of pathogenicity 3 criteria provided, conflicting interpretations Jul 22, 2021 RCV000029469.14
Conflicting interpretations of pathogenicity 2 criteria provided, conflicting interpretations Mar 23, 2021 RCV000506190.7
Gene OMIM ClinGen Gene Dosage Sensitivity Curation Variation viewer Related variants
HI score Help TS score Help Within gene All
CFTR - - GRCh38
1974 2730

Submitted interpretations and evidence

(Last evaluated)
Review status
(Assertion criteria)
Submitter Supporting information
Likely pathogenic
(Dec 10, 2018)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
not specified
Allele origin: germline
ARUP Laboratories, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, ARUP Laboratories
Accession: SCV000603070.3
Submitted: (Aug 05, 2019)
Evidence details
The CFTR c.1054C>T; p.Arg352Trp variant (rs193922497) is reported in individuals with cystic fibrosis (CF) (Schrijver 2005), mildly elevated sweat chloride (McGinniss 2005), and congenital absence … (more)
Uncertain significance
(Oct 31, 2019)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
not provided
Allele origin: unknown
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute San Juan Capistrano
Accession: SCV000601037.2
Submitted: (Dec 31, 2020)
Evidence details
PubMed (8)
Uncertain significance
(Mar 23, 2021)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
not specified
Allele origin: germline
Women's Health and Genetics/Laboratory Corporation of America, LabCorp
Accession: SCV000052119.3
Submitted: (Apr 07, 2021)
Evidence details
PubMed (16)
Variant summary: CFTR c.1054C>T (p.Arg352Trp) results in a non-conservative amino acid change in the encoded protein sequence. Five of five in-silico tools predict a damaging … (more)
Likely benign
(Nov 25, 2020)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
Cystic fibrosis
Allele origin: germline
Accession: SCV000074226.8
Submitted: (Jan 07, 2021)
Evidence details
Uncertain significance
(Mar 08, 2017)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
not provided
Allele origin: germline
EGL Genetic Diagnostics, Eurofins Clinical Diagnostics
Accession: SCV000706515.2
Submitted: (Sep 19, 2018)
Evidence details
Other databases…
Uncertain significance
(Nov 06, 2018)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
CFTR-Related Disorders
Allele origin: germline
Illumina Clinical Services Laboratory,Illumina
Accession: SCV000916179.1
Submitted: (Feb 01, 2019)
Evidence details
PubMed (4)
The CFTR c.1054C>T (p.Arg352Trp) variant is a missense variant that has been reported in at least four studies, in which it is found in a … (more)
Uncertain significance
(Jul 22, 2021)
criteria provided, single submitter
Method: clinical testing
Cystic fibrosis
Allele origin: germline
Nilou-Genome Lab
Accession: SCV001822035.1
Submitted: (Sep 01, 2021)
Evidence details

Functional evidence

There is no functional evidence in ClinVar for this variation. If you have generated functional data for this variation, please consider submitting that data to ClinVar.

Citations for this variant

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Arg352 is a major determinant of charge selectivity in the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator chloride channel. Guinamard R Biochemistry 1999 PMID: 10220340 - - - -

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