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Review status:
no assertion criteria provided
1 (Most recent: Dec 30, 2010)
Last evaluated:
Mar 31, 2000
Variation ID:


Other names
G6PD Matera
G6PD Betica
G6PD Castilla
G6PD Distrito Federal
G6PD Tepic
Functional consequence
ClinGen: CA033016
OMIM: 305900.0002
This haplotype includes the following variants

Aggregate interpretations per condition

Interpreted condition Interpretation Number of submissions Review status Last evaluated Variation/condition record
Pathogenic 1 no assertion criteria provided Mar 31, 2000 RCV000011075.15
Gene OMIM ClinGen Gene Dosage Sensitivity Curation Variation viewer Related variants
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G6PD - - GRCh38
222 461

Submitted interpretations and evidence

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Review status
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Submitter Supporting information
(Mar 31, 2000)
no assertion criteria provided
Method: literature only
Allele origin: germline
Accession: SCV000031301.9
Submitted: (Dec 30, 2010)
Evidence details
PubMed (16)
Beutler, E., Matsumoto, F. A new  (more...)

Functional evidence

There is no functional evidence in ClinVar for this variation. If you have generated functional data for this variation, please consider submitting that data to ClinVar.

Citations for this variant

Title Author Journal Year Link
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Beutler, E., Matsumoto, F. A new glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase variant: G6PD (-) Los Angeles. I.R.C.S. 5: 89, 1977. - - - - - - - - - - - -

Record last updated Oct 16, 2021